Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 13, 2013
2 Ex-TNA Talents Return At Joker’s Wild PPV Tapings

2 Ex-TNA Talents Return At Joker’s Wild PPV Tapings

During Saturday’s TNA “One Night Only: Joker’s Wild” PPV tapings, both Gunner and Crimson returned to the promotion, losing to James Storm and Christian York.

Crimson was last seen in TNA at the June 2012 Slammiversary PPV and has been working down in OVW ever since.

Gunner was last used on TV on the October 18th episode of TNA iMPACT!.

Full **SPOILERS** for the Joker’s Wild PPV tapings are posted on the main newsboard.

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12 Responses to “2 Ex-TNA Talents Return At Joker’s Wild PPV Tapings”

  1. bik100 says:

    Damn it, both of them suck.

  2. soyfenomenal says:

    Ex-TNA talents? No.
    And Crimson was last seen facing Aries before he won the title.

  3. ariesstormjoe says:

    this is a complete fail article post.

    crimson is still a tna wrestler. he was just sent to OVW for improvement. and gunner has just unfortunately not been used.

    they are good talents imo but need the right push to get them over.

    • Peckar says:

      I agree with you apart from that last sentence. There are better wrestlers than them not being used by the big two. Gunner I think is in A's and 8's isn't he? Long haired dude?

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        i wasnt saying that crimson and gunner are 2 of the best guys around. just that they are good talents.

        by the right push to get them over i mean well not every talent is an aries or a punk. them sorts of talents pretty much write their own direction i think.

        but the majority of the talent biz need to have their strengths focused on, then the right sort of character written for them and for creative to really think about how to use them.

        both gunner and crimson could have been used in aces and 8s to keep fans guessing imo. i havent seen them overly reported to be members of aces and 8s but it makes sense considering other guys. devon a familiar face in tna, DOC/gallows, knox were wwe guys so not familiar faces. but then the rest are….i think signed to tna or future signings. 1-2 guys could be ex wwe guys tho.

  4. Treck says:

    Ex Gnawing stars lol. These guys have so much talent. Hope its used right this time

  5. TnaCanada1 says:

    i hated the crimson thing it was stupid that they gave him a streak he was no where near goldberg

  6. The Truth says:

    Long hair guy in aces n 8’s I thought was brisco.

  7. Herr_Odditus says:

    Crimson was terrible. I didn't even notice he was gone, but I'm glad to hear it.

  8. MRPC says:

    The two of them are decent talents with an old-school look and they are certainly not your average, raw 3 move wonders.

    Possibly they can resurface on Impact Wrestling sometime in the tag team scene as one of those 'intense' big guy teams that you don't see too much of these days like; Kronik in WCW or the obvious example of The Road Warriors/L.O.D.

  9. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Ex TNA talents!?

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