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TNA House Show Report 11.05.11: Toledo, Ohio

by Staff on 11/06/2011 - 12:02 AM

From Dave Crumbley and:

* Austin Aries​ d. Jessie Sorensen. Good match, Aries' dive to the guard rail is just sick. The Greatest Man who ever Lived won with a roll up.

* James Storm d. Magnus. Magnus informed us that Toledo sucks. Sky in blue shocker. Storm asks him to drink a beer with him. He then gives him a superkick and pins him. Maybe a ten second match. Literally the superkick and pin. Seeing Storm in front of this ghost crowd made him look like a nobody, none of the "star" vibe you get with him on TV.

* Velvet Sky​ d. ODB. Usual Earl Hebner kissing the heel woman leads to Velvet hitting X-Pac's jumping face plant thing which I am certainly not looking up the name of. Brutal match, negative stars.

* Mr. Anderson d. Abyss by DQ. Lots of bad wrestling and mic work from Anderson. Abyss hit him in the gut with a chair for the DQ. Anderson then recovered and gave him a Mic Check. He brought a kid named Ian into the ring for a big "ANDERSON."

* Intermission. The sound system was terrible and Don West's hyping gave me a really bad headache. Almost got popped in the face with a DVD he was throwing out which would have guaranteed me a winning lawsuit and power and control over Impact Wrestling. I could have been The Network Rep.

* Ric Flair did a promo. Put over TNA, said wooooooooooooo. The non-fan I went with was now satisfied in his investment.

* RVD d. Scott Steiner & Gunner in a three way. RVD was way over. Always a treat to see Big Poppa Pump. RVD wins with a Five Star Frog Splash on Gunner.

* Jeff Hardy​ d. Bully Ray​. Tons of mic work from Ray, did the old clotheshanger bit with a little kid. Loved that stuff when I was younger, but as a grown man it just makes me wince. Needlessly tawdry. Jeff looked awesome, vibrant and energetic. Won clean with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.


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