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TNA House Show Report 11.06.11: Windsor, Ontario

by Staff on 11/07/2011 - 11:28 AM

.From Stephen Gray and:

Quick results: Same results and order as Crumbley's Toledo report from yesterday:

* X-Division Championship: Austin Aries (champion) def. Jesse Sorensen (Sorensen's frog-crossbody rolled through, tights held - 8 minutes)
* Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky (champion) def. ODB (Double underhook into a facebuster - 7 minutes)
* James Storm def. Magnus (Superkick, 3 seconds)
* Mr. Anderson def. Abyss (DQ - chair shot - 7 minutes)
* Rob Van Dam​ def. Gunner (x) and Scott Steiner​ (5 Star Frogsplash - 7 minutes)
* Jeff Hardy​ def. Bully Ray (Twist of Fate / Swanton Bomb - 10 minutes).

- Right off the bat, I have to say I had a lot of fun being there and the entertainment aspect (promos by Steiner and Bully Ray​ in particular) were just off the charts to be there live for, but last year's show in September had a really, really good Machine Guns vs. Beer Money​ match that went near 20 minutes in the main event. This show (running just shy of 2.5 hours including a 20 minute intermission) had 39 minutes of in-ring action total, and listing the main event as 10 minutes is misleading as after the bell rang, Ray stalled a lot pretending to leave. The flip side of this is while last year's main event was awesome, the major stars (the guys people who aren't TNA fans would know) were Jarrett, Anderson, and Kurt Angle​ wearing an "Angle Foods" baseball shirt outside the ring during the main event. This year the star power was much higher with Hardy, RVD, Steiner, and of course Ric Flair​ (who was not advertised in anything I read on TNA's website).

- Austin vs. Sorensen was the best match of the night. Aries is really good and Jesse kept up with him.

- Velvet vs. ODB was not very good at all, though it seemed to pick up at the end. Some people behind me were talking about Kelly Kelly​'s inability to run the ropes. At one point ODB looked like she may have injured her ankle as she was walking very gingerly and stopped to adjust her boot in the corner while Velvet was on the mat, but she seemed to be fine after that. They also did a spot where Earl groped Velver trying to break her and ODB up in the corner (and like yesterday, he made out with ODB to lead to the finish). Earl also was doing his "I screwed Bret" character from the last show, which I don't know if he does on the US shows, but he even put on the pink sunglasses and mocked Bret before the match.

- Storm vs. Magnus was a lengthy promo about why he dislikes Canada (we're toothless drunks apparently) and began going into CM Punk SES territory about the evils of drinking before Storm interrupted him. Storm also got most of the fans to sing "O Canada!" though the people from Michigan around me were pretty annoyed by this. Magnus took Storm's beer, drank it, and was superkicked.

- Anderson vs. Abyss was pretty dull, but people were really into Anderson. He did the same spot from last year where he didn't realize we had no lowering microphone here, but this year Borash stood on a chair and handed one down for him. Ken also really made a youngster's day after the match, which was pretty cool.

- Intermission was Don West once again being a great salesman and convincing me to buy the Brown Bag Special (lucky me, I now own Victory Road 2010 forever). "You can't leave unless you buy merchandise, that way we can leave here $50 ahead" joked Mr. West.

- Ric Flair came out for about 4 minutes to put over the TNA wrestlers as well as pay his respects to the late Bob Probert​ (Bryan: Bob Probert was a famous hockey player from Windsor, best known for playing on the Red Wings and Blackhawks, that passed away in 2010). He also had some nice things to say about Toronto. People loved it, and I was glad to see him. On his way out he asked the two ring girls if they were 18-24 years old.

- The triple threat was oddly booked in that Scott and Gunner didn't care if the other one was pinning RVD, they were just heels wanting the face not to win. Then Gunner accidentally clotheslined Steiner and it was on. Ok match, but the highlight was Steiner ripping EVERYONE in the place. Swearing up a storm, giving people the finger, yelling at ringside fans, saying he hated Canada, etc. Excellent heel work here and immensely entertaining.

- The main event was a basic match. Fine, but again, no tag title main event from 2010. Once again though, forget all that because Bully Ray was just awesome going to town - not old ECW vulgar, but still really riling the people up. "If you were a prostitute I wouldn't throw four quarters at you". He also ripped up a youngster's sign on the way to the ring and the poor kid looked like he wanted to cry (I'll attach a photo). Made me feel bad for laughing, but it was such great heel shenanigans.

- Same deal as before in giving our "backstage passes" to people being loud (but with no angle involving AJ Styles trying to steal them). Local morning radio show hosts "Craig and Matt" also gave some out earlier in the show as well. After they show they offered the $20 in-ring photo package with Jeff Hardy.

- Once again I'd say I was glad I went - these "alternate universe" TNA shows have been really fun for me, whether due to great ring-work or some great old-school entertainment from the heels, I'm glad I've gone.


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