Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 11, 2013
A James Storm Injury Update Inside Here

A James Storm Injury Update Inside Here

UPDATE: James Storm has provided the exact nature of his update in another update on Twitter. He wrote:

Thnx everyone for tweets. Doc says I have a torn lower ab and ligament damage. Go back wed for MRI to check for hernia. #freakaccident

ORIGINAL: TNA wrestler James Storm revealed on his Twitter account that he suffered a groin injury while referring the tag match between Bad Influence and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode at iMPACT! in Tupelo, Mississippi last Thursday when he was sliding in for a pinfall count.

Storm said he to the emergency room after the TNA live event in Birmingham, Alabama because he was still in pain.

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14 Responses to “A James Storm Injury Update Inside Here”

  1. Roid Master says:

    I'd love to see Storm get a legitimate title run. I hope he recovers quickly.

    • soyfenomenal says:

      He's not on the level and never will be.

      • jbcissom says:

        A LOT of people said the same thing about one Steve Williams. You may know him as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

        • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

          "Dr Death" Steve Williams?

          • ToledoDavid says:

            Steve Austin's real name was Steve Williams, but since Dr. Death Steve Williams was already established as a wrestler, Stone Cold changed his name to Steve Austin (legally, by the way).

        • Mr. Excitement says:

          Some of us never heard of him until he debuted in the WWF.

          WCW coverage was very poor in the early 1990's where I live.

          • KGill28 says:

            WCW are the ones who took wrestling mainstream, brother. Just look at all the national attention they got, their wrestlers appeared on so many talk shows. WCW wrestlers were the true definition of Superstars.

          • Mr. Excitement says:

            Where I lived, a no name station started broadcasting Nitro not long before Scott Hall first appeared on Nitro in 1996.

            Some people I know had access to WCW in the early 1990's because they had the huge satellite dishes which accessed many US and worldwide channels.

          • TheMiwyun says:

            Here you fucking cunt. STFU for once

      • tnadude says:

        He's they're best chance for a monster face. The guy can go in the ring, has great mic skills and excellent charisma. What else does he need?

        His only downside is that he is apparently injury-prone.

  2. Stunner says:

    Ouch that sounds like its got to hurt pulled my hamstring once in high school really bad! If its anything near that type of pain that has to bite! Hope he Gets Better!

  3. Treck says:

    I think James Storm is cool. But I just have to say it… sorry about your damn luck

  4. annil8or4321 says:

    i read the title and cringed

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