Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 11, 2013
A New TNA Pay Structure – Backstage Morale Down

A New TNA Pay Structure – Backstage Morale Down


According to sources, the locker room morale in TNA is said to be down. This is due to the company’s policy regarding the pay for the majority of wrestlers going forward. With TNA running a live iMPACT! and then taping the following week’s show the same night, the majority of the talent will only be paid for a single appearance regardless of whether they work more than once. This means that those talents will be losing money compared to when iMPACT! was taped on a weekly basis.

One source has stated that this has frustrated the locker room and that it will affect roughly 80 percent of the talent in the company. Many talents are said to be anxious for their contracts to expire so they can negotiate to change the wording in their contracts.

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