Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 28, 2013
A VIP Session With Sting Planned – Details

A VIP Session With Sting Planned – Details

TNA will be running a VIP session with Sting (in character) at the April 5th show in Westbury, NY. The price for the event is $200.98.

More information available a this link.

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6 Responses to “A VIP Session With Sting Planned – Details”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    Whoa.. couldn't they round off the 98 cents to make it $201?

  2. TNArocks says:

    Its a bit pricey, but then again it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with the ICON

  3. Kyle says:

    In my opinion he’s the best wrestler ever. I realize there’s guys that do physically more impressive things in ring, but for me he’s got the best combo of I ring skills, and charisma. Plus the fact he never went to WWE and is a big a star as he is makes it a lot more impressive. He’s also a great out in real life. The only way I’d want to see him ever signed with WWE would be after he officially retires from the business while with TNA, then he could sign a legends contract so they can finally make and awesome DVD collection of his many years in the business. The only down side to that is WWE would probably want him in their HoF, which he doesn’t belong in at all. Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but they don’t deserve him.

  4. dcxboxx says:

    not a downside he was part of the wwe for a short stint just one match with ric flair on wwe/wcw nitro and is part of the wwe universe since they own various libraries that hes on. wcw, wccw, midsouth/world class.

    • jbcissom says:

      Actually, Sting has technically never wrestled for WWE, per Sting. The verbage in Sting's contract was that he worked for Ted Turner, not WCW… per Sting. The sale had been done, but was not in effect, so technically, he has never… ever (I miss that old Chris Jericho moment) wrestled for WWE.

    • Kyle says:

      Not true at all. The last WCW Monday Nitro wasn’t a WWE owned show. Sting was never under contract for WWE, and never wrestled for them. He’s the biggest star in the business to never work for them, and that says a lot.

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