Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 19, 2013
AJ Styles’ Agent Releases Statement On His TNA Status

AJ Styles’ Agent Releases Statement On His TNA Status

Bill Behrens, the agent for AJ Styles, released the following statement regarding the current status of Styles…

“We [Styles and Behrens] continue positive discussions with TNA but not exclusively. AJ has not yet agreed to a new deal nor signed a contract with anyone.”

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8 Responses to “AJ Styles’ Agent Releases Statement On His TNA Status”

  1. DJBIGCG says:

    I'm pretty sure aj signed a new contract with tna, but you never know

  2. gar2233 says:

    I hope you are right aj signed a new contract

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    I personally think its a work because I dont recall anyone elses agents speaking for them.

    • Sturk says:

      No no he had to release that kinda statement because people think it is a work. Naturally if i'm a booker and i'm wanting to use AJ Styles, i'm not going to book him if he's just going to turn around and pull out because he's signed back with TNA. So his agent has to speak out in cases like these.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        thank you!..someone finally gets this….I this is all a work, AJ is obligated to work any dates that he has agreed to. Issuing this statement makes is so he will still get bookings in case the negotiations fall through. Some promotions might get cold feet booking him if they think he's going back to TNA in the near future

        • Sturk says:

          exactly!!! You know what's so weird is my post got disliked and yours got liked. hahaha We are saying the same thing and you are agreeing with me yet mine is disliked and yours is liked. Not that I care but I just found that weird lol

      • OldManEaston says:

        That is why I said all along that he is looking for dates while probably still trying to negotiate with TNA. There are a lot of wrestlers who are unscrupulous pricks when it comes to booking dates and then not following through, leaving promoters stuck holding plane tickets they cant refund or having a worker hold them up at the last minute for more money or having to tell their fan base that so and so didn't show. It makes the promoter look like a con artist to the people, even if it isn't his fault. In all fairness, there are an equal number of scumbag promoters who are legitimate con artists that promise payouts they cant deliver, use a wrestlers name for promotion that they have no intention of booking or other seedy crap that gives the indies and wrestlers they screw over a bad name, so it is not one sided. AJ has never been known to be like that though, so it is not surprising he would have Bill release a statement.

        It is also why I said, any date he books, he will honor them, even if it means he will not be able to work out a deal with TNA for a return to TNA until he does. I would be surprised if AJ did the contrary and wouldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

  4. Tna4life says:

    I watched Impact an Dixie has the TNA World Heavyweight Title Back so I’m not sure if it’s a work or not everytime I get convinced that it’s a work AJ gets new Indy dates? Explain that ? Why would TNA let their top Star take indy dates and risk the chance of him getting injuried and not being able to compete ? Explain that one to me, so I can understand ?

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