Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 12, 2012
AJ Styles Says He’ll Never Tone Down His Style + More

AJ Styles Says He’ll Never Tone Down His Style + More

Credit: The UK Sun

AJ Styles recently spoke about his in ring style and his autobiography, which will be released in 2013. Here are the highlights…

In He Slowing Down His In Ring Style?: “You know I feel you pick your time and place… and I do that. I pick my spots and use them wisely. I’ll not tone it down until I stop wrestling.”

On His Autobiography: “I do have a book in progress. It is early days so far,” Styles said. “What I hope to do is tell the story of my early life and bring it right up to my wrestling career. I will include some behind the scenes stuff and while my faith will be included, there will be wrestling stuff there for the fans, too.”

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10 Responses to “AJ Styles Says He’ll Never Tone Down His Style + More”

  1. koysortna1 says:

    I need to buy this guys book, make everybody jealous at school, when its reading time lmao! Thanks AJ!


    If I want to read about religion I'll read one of the various incarnates of the bible or quran. If I want to find out about the universe I'll read about physics. He is a bloody talented wrestler. I don't want to read about how god blessed him and yet seemingly ignored millions of children who die from preventable diseases.

    • purpleurkel says:

      then dont buy the book douche, you arent as important as you think you are

      p.s. your sh/it DOES in fact stink

      • WARISNAUGHTY says:

        'Then don't respond to my comment if you don't like it.' See how your logic is an utter fallacy? No you probably don't. If you can't express an opinion about a TNA wrestler on a TNA forum then the world is in fact mad. If you have to bum every single article to give yourself a pat on the back then by all means have the first biscuit on me.

        • purpleurkel says:

          dont cry pu.ssy

          • WARISNAUGHTY says:

            Oh I won't 🙂 but what I will do is freely express my opinion be it in favour or against an article if I so choose to. I'd say don't think too hard about your childish responses, but it would probably be best if you did.

  3. Treck says:

    I would like to read what is on AJ Styles to get a perspective on him.

  4. hammers362 says:

    ahem tnawrestlingnews dont i deserve credit for posting this as i stated when i post myposts actually worth reading insted on posts about " wwe stars *cough*, Anyway good work aj hopefully 2013 will be the year of the phenomanal one

  5. tnadude says:

    Personally, I'd like to see him drop the gay Michael Jackson gloves… Just sayin'.

    BTW, no disrespect to those of the opposite persuasion.

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