Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 18, 2012
AJ Styles Says TNA Needs To Rely On New Stars + More

AJ Styles Says TNA Needs To Rely On New Stars + More

AJ Styles recently spoke with Brady Hicks at WEXP 1600 AM Philly about TNA’s youth movement, his relationship with Ric Flair and more. Check out the highlights:

On TNA’s youth movement: “They’re … WE are definitely in a better place. If we’re making new stars, that’s what we need to do. We gotta build that foundation, and it starts by making new stars. You can’t rely on Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy and guys like that who have been around for awhile …. or even AJ Styles for that matter. You have to continue to build new stars to rely on and to keep it fresh.”

On the Bobby Roode and James Storm’s development: “I gotta tell you, when those two broke up as a tag team I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to tag team wrestling.’ Literally these guys were the best in the world as a tag team … It’s crazy what has happened with them over time. I can’t say that I don’t want to see this match happen because I do.”

On having guys like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle around: “It’s a great thing to have around. If you can soak up as much information as they’re putting out. You can only get better with those guys around you … These guys have done a lot in this business. If you can soak up some of that information. The sky’s the limit.”

On his Relationship with Ric Flair: “I soaked up so much information from Ric Flair that I realized he’s kind of a douche-bag. Neither Fortune nor myself wanted to be around him any more. Fortune kind of imploded because of it.”

On Bobby Roode as champion: “Like it or not, Bobby Roode is the best world heavyweight champion RIGHT NOW. The guy is good. You can’t deny that fact. He looks good. He wrestles even better than he looks. This guy is unstoppable at this point in his career.”

On how TNA can overtake WWE: “It’s not going to happen overnight. We don’t have the money that the other company has. We just have to take it slow … When we move to0 fast, that’s how you destroy a company.”

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18 Responses to “AJ Styles Says TNA Needs To Rely On New Stars + More”

  1. tnadude says:

    Rare to hear AJ talk about someone the way he did Flair. Gotta like the kid though!

  2. Big t mass says:

    Thought him and flair were cool hes right though keep making stars out of the young guys and maybe they can pass wwr one day

  3. pepsilover2008 says:

    If AJ styles says it is a good thing for a youth movement, why does he always get upset when he isn't on tv…

    • SageStinger says:

      Because he was the face of TNA for A LONG time. And up until recently he wasn't being used very much, or very poorly. I'd be pissed too.

  4. aandrepark83 says:

    John cena keeps young talent down while aj styles wants to build young talent!!!

  5. stingerfan92 says:

    people need to remember that wwe had almost 50 years to make it as big as they are. tna has only had ten years. right now i think tna needs to worry about making the best product they can, then the company will grow.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      That is a bit of misnomer that people use to explain away TNA spinning it's wheels for almost 7 years on Spike. WWE is a company that was a regional territory before the early 1980's. They drew big crowds in the Garden and occasionally Shea stadium but other than the Tri-State area, they were second fiddle to the NWA in terms of overall popularity and arguably in some regards were second fiddle to the AWA as well. NWA and AWA both had national cable outlets in TBS and ESPN respectively, while WWE was still in syndication on sometimes less than quality channels. I remember we used to get WWE out of St Louis on KPLR I think it was, and sometimes the feed was funky. When WWE took off, it did so in a few years and blew by the competition at breakneck speed. TNA has had more than enough time to make a dent in WWE's market and at least become a viable alternative if they were going to do it. TNA absolutely has to worry about their product at this point, because it is stale and not unique at all. They should have been worrying about it since 2005, instead of trying to be WCW to WWE. I have no doubt in my mind that if Cary Silkin had Dixie Carter's money, that ROH with Samoa Joe, Punk, Danielson etc would have passed TNA like it was standing still and would be doing 2+ ratings right now. ROH has always gotten it more than TNA has. TNA has had everything in it's favor but a long term vision.

      • tnadude says:

        Well spoken. TNA should focus on it's product, particularly since it has little growth potential on Spike. Their best bet is to improve the product to the point where they can say they get the same crowd reaction and have the same loyalty as WWE. If they can do that, they still have to convince a larger network there are enough wresting fans to support both WWE and TNA with a larger viewer base. It's a tough road, but it's what they need to do.

        The only place I disagree with you is with regards to WWF v. NWA/AWA. At the time, cable television was in it's infancy. I don't have the numbers, but I suspect that WWE and it's syndicated network actually had a larger viewer base than NWA or AWA. We got satellite when it first came out, and live in an area where both WWF & NWA frequented. Still, it was hard to find NWA, and the production quality (set design, lighting, etc) was always much higher in WWF.

        • Pipboy86 says:

          In the mid 80's WWF was absolutely head and shoulders above the NWA and AWA in production and everything. WWF got very big numbers in syndication especially in their top markets, which by that time consisted of the northeast, much of the upper midwest and the west coast. What I was talking about though is really before Hulkamania and Wrestlemania kicked in. In the early 80's I remember WWF doing it's syndicated stadium shows in poorly lit, poorly miked arenas that looked and sounded worse than the smaller studio shows that both NWA Crocket/Georgia championship wrestling were doing from TBS studios as well as NWA WCCW from Will Rogers and the Sportatorium. Even though they were bigger shows, AWA and NWA especially had them beat in energy and it always seemed like NWA was the future and WWF was the past. I absolutely hated WWF during that time period. As a kid it looked like a bunch of fat old grandpa's farting around in the dark. I didn't care that many of those guys were highly regarded legends who did good things at one time in another era. I can only imagine what young fans of today have thought about TNA when they have seen the old timers like Sting, Hogan, The Nasty Boys, Hall and Nash, Xpac (who looks older than his time), Flair, Jake Roberts, Randy Savage etc that TNA has trotted out off and on over the years and have given them generally bigger spotlights than fresh talent. Even RVD is starting to look fat, slow and old by comparison of when he broke in with ECW and early WWF and yet he is supposedly in for a big push. Anderson too, he has looked like crap for a lot of his TNA run. Jeff Hardy also looked like a stumbling mess has been for a while. That is why I say TNA has to work on it's product, to offer some the fresh up to date and alternative to WWE to capture the imagination of the wrestling audience and not simply rely on putting so much stock in guys who's best was in the past.

  6. JayoFel says:


  7. Sturk says:

    Good man that AJ is……… Sad thing is wrestlings shelf life is sO SO SO SO Short these days that he's pretty much done all he could do in TNA. In WWE if you were there that long you'd be off tv, an announcer or released by now. I wish there was a way to do things without having him lose but TNA is pushing NEW stars and i'm fine with that. AJ still has good matches.

  8. Ultimate_X says:

    really wondering if this is aj styles the character, or aj styles the person commenting about flair, if the latter fair play for speaking out!

  9. Rodzilla87 says:

    that's what i'm saying. if TNA can go back 2 getting a couple fresher talent that's been in the indies for years they'll b iight. plus a better booking team.

  10. destroyer_v39 says:

    If TNA wants to make an IMPACT wrestling. They need this.
    – New Wrestlers with good body tone.
    – Gimmicks in Wrestling.
    – Credibility on the new wrestler and in ring skills.
    – NON-Ex WWE talent.
    What happend to the Judad Mesias and Abyss storyline weren't they brothers now we got Chris Parker which is going nowhere?
    Crimson is NOTHING without Amazing Red because didn't Amazing Red bring him to TNA because they were related?
    From Robert Roode to Bobby Roode WTF Robert Roode sounds better?
    What's up with AJ Style losing streak? come on now?
    What's up with wrestlers using fake names like Crimson, Magnus, and D'Angelelo Dinero the most stupid name I EVER heard in wrestling. Elijah Burke has a better ring to it. They put a black name with a hispanic and he plays a pope WTF. LAME. I'm not bashing on TNA im just trying to help them up and give this character a boost and next time you see Crimson he's going to have a real name. Use there real name. At least Bill Goldberg had a name and he'll go down in history. What's a Crimson and why did he chose that name?

  11. John says:

    Crimson is a shade of red and is a play on being related to Amazing Red. Get it?

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