Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 6, 2012
AJ Styles Talks Wrestling Daniels, Faith, Being A Heel

AJ Styles Talks Wrestling Daniels, Faith, Being A Heel



-Chris Thomas opened the call by hyping Thursday’s Impact Wrestling and this Sunday’s Final Resolution PPV before turning it over to questions.

-AJ was asked about his first match with Christopher Daniels and AJ said it was at a NWA anniversary show where he first met and wrestled Daniels. He said since then they have been best of friends and bitter enemies.

-AJ said it is difficult to continue to raise the bar with matches with Daniels, especially after their last man standing match, but they were going to work hard and try to raise the bar yet again.

-AJ tapped danced around a question about not getting a title shot until Bound for Glory. He said he was hopeful that there would be a way to get a title shot before then because there was no guarantee he would even win the BFG series. It came across as him trying to answer the question without showing too much of what is planned for next.

-Styles was asked about being the guy” in TNA and if that caused any extra pressure on him, but he claimed he wasn’t that guy in his mind. He said some people might consider him that way, but that never entered his mind because he’s been at the top and the bottom of the totem pole over the years.

-Styles said he has wondered about the “last time” situation of his match with Daniels. He said perhaps it’s the last time they ever challenge each other directly, but he wonders what happens if they meet in the BFG series or some other necessary match down the road.

-Styles put over the last man standing match as the best moment in his rivalry with Daniels.

-Styles said he doesn’t have a lot of information on his forthcoming autobiography as it is still in the works, but it will be a combination of his faith and wrestling stories.

-Styles said working as a heel while being honest to his faith all depends on what they have him do. He said when he was with Ric Flair, it was difficult to be Ric Flair without actually being Ric Flair, but when he was teaming with Christian as a heel, it was easier because he was a goofy heel.

-AJ said he likes the idea of reducing PPVs and if it was up to him, he would reduce it to four and make those huge deals, but it wasn’t up to him. He said he does hope TNA doesn’t forget about Slammaversary as he thinks that is a major PPV you for them.

-AJ talked about WWE copying some of the things they have done and he isn’t upset about it as he sees it as a compliment.

-The call ended after roughly 25 minutes due to technical difficulties.

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23 Responses to “AJ Styles Talks Wrestling Daniels, Faith, Being A Heel”

  1. tnadude says:

    I've said it before – AJ's reluctance to stay heel with Flair has cost him over the last couple of years. Personally, I thought he did a great job with it.

    Being a heel has absolutely nothing to do with your faith, regardless of what you do. In the end, good triumphs over evil, and he's just an actor in the plot anyway. So it shouldn't matter if he's playing the role of the Savior or the Devil because the message is the same. God is going to judge him on the message, and not his role.

    Besides, as long as the Savior wins, he's passed along a meaningful spiritual message that he can be proud of.

    • hangers says:

      Agreed, he missed his chance big time with the Flair angle..

    • jbcissom says:

      The problems AJ was referring to was the type of language used, Flair's references to himself as "God", and drinking.

      Like you stated, I think he did well with his angle with Flair, but let's be honest… Roode is a much better Flair-esque character than AJ could ever have been.

  2. Treck says:

    I rather see AJ as a heel. He is not so childish sounding as when he is a face

  3. Real Deal Heel says:

    AJ is a great wrestler. AJ is boring as hell. Good luck with ur faith bro…ur boring as hell.

    • hangers says:

      AJ's character is boring, his matches arent but in his case Hogan was right, he needs to have more than just huge matches to take his character to the next level. He had his chance with flair and blew it..

      • Matt Hardy says:

        What was he going to accomplish by being a Ric Flair clone and a lackey? He is not Ric Flair and the gifts Flair had don't happen through osmosis. AJ Styles in not a heel, just as Jeff Hardy is not a heel.

        • LAwrestling112 says:

          Jeff was actually a great heel. His mishap fucked it up…but before that he was doing a great job

          • Matt Hardy says:

            If great implies walking down to the ring in ugly suits with an ugly championship belt, and giving a few incoherent promos then yes, he was a great heel. Name one great program that came from him being a heel in immortal? Hint, it was not with Sting either. There was no buzz at all when Jeff Hardy was heel champion. His ultimate screw up aside. His heel run was a total flop long before he ever came to the ring in no condition to perform. Nobody cares about Jeff Hardy as a heel. He can barely even draw heat. He is much better as a face when he has a good heel to work with like CM Punk or Austin Aries.

  4. purpleurkel says:

    When he put the "Styles Clash" on Daniels off the ramp into the table… i about shat myself. I said they would never be able to top that. I hope I was wrong

  5. Sturk says:

    Can't wait to see what they do with AJ…. AJ with Flair was EPIC!! AJ has to understand he doesnt own the company and he cant book himself to do what he wants. If they want you to be some arrogant ric flair guy then be it. You are playing a character on the screen. Besides that TNA isnt some wild extreme company, it's only so much they are gonna have him do. TNA isnt the attitude era, they are fairly tame as well. AJ and Flair were EPIC on Mondays with the ramp way. His matches with RVD. Loved it! TNA felt good with AJ as champ, Xpac, Scott Hall and Nash had black on.. Jeff Hardy…. it was kinda cool when I think back on it when they were head to head with Raw.

    • AussieWrestling says:

      Im sure AJ knows he doesnt own the company considering hes spent the better part of this year jobbing…

    • LAwrestling112 says:

      Your right! They just didnt have the follow through back then….and none of the players were committed to their rolls 100% as we know how it all panned out

  6. soyfenomenal says:

    lawl ohemgee jesus wouldn't approve of this, so i can't play my role/do my job! What a bitch.

    • Dirk1n says:

      Where does it say anything like that?
      All AJ said was "it was difficult to be Ric Flair without actually being Ric Flair" you can't argue with that, AJ's never been all about the ladies like Flair was/is, there were no endless parties with drink and drugs, no stylin', no profilin', no limousine ridin', no jet flyin', no space mountain…
      The only real similarity with Flair and AJ is they're both from the south, they're polar opposites otherwise

    • purpleurkel says:

      look how flamed you got at something that wasnt even said…. that should tell you something about yourself

  7. jbcissom says:

    Let's be honest… AJ is a horrible heel. Why? Because people love him. Same reason why Sting is a horrible heel. It just doesn't work. AJ has been crowned, by the fans, as the "Franchise" of TNA. Make it be. Use him the way WWE uses John Cena. The only difference is Cena was pushed down our throats by WWE. We, the fans, chose AJ Styles.

    • Matt Hardy says:

      AJ is also a horrible heel because he has no depth as a character. He has always done one thing well and that is sound wrestling with big spot potential. The worst thing they ever did with AJ Styles was try to bounce him around between face and heel. When he was a heel early on it worked because he came off as a punk kid who knew he was good. Once the decision was made to push him as the top babyface in TNA, babyface is where he should have stayed for the rest of his TNA career. He's not a natural heel, he is a natural face, whether he is the top babyface or supporting cast. The second worse thing ever done to him was both the conscious decision on his own part and well as on TNA's part to tone down his move set. He needed to be balls to the wall for however long his career lasted. Without it, he's just another small guy, who can't talk and is not that impressive.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i think they can play a heel role very well because whilst it matters how fans perceive wrestlers and some get to a point of undislikeable (like punk, aries, samoa joe, sting, AJ and so many others) for me it matters how they perform the role. some can just be excellent performers in the ring.

      like daniels and kazarian have been excellent heels this year. they've entertained me but they make me dislike them and in the case of vs AJ like him more because of how good they have been at being "bad" or "heel".

  8. Sturk says:

    it was funny on impact when Taz said he wasnt going to call Kaz and Chris, Bad Company lol lol

  9. Sturk says:

    Also Taz needs to get into trouble because one of the announcers called Joey Ryan a star and Taz said Ryan wasnt a star just yet. The WHOLE point is the create a PERCEPTION that their guys are BIG TIME! You can't do that if you're being hella 100% honest and taking real life shots at them. If you don't make your audience feel like those guys are worth it then it'll affect your broadcast. TNA doesnt do a great job at perception. You gotta TELL the audience who these guys are and how we are supposed to think about them.

    • Anb says:

      He is tech a gut check guy. So up coming. Not star YET. Besides he didn’t like him I’m sure tazz was on point. As for aj. He did well. At first he was like flair toward the end he was coming along. But he’s in the main event and booked a lot. He’ll even Vince stole his angle. Aj also needs to get over beliefs and faith. Not like he’s saying f that stuff. Man fortune went broke. but all in main event such as last night (12-7-12). Which is awesome.

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