Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 21, 2013
Another Fan Report From TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV

Another Fan Report From TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV

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This was my first live event ever, having been a wrestling fan for over a decade. A few high and lowlights. Ultimate X was very disappointing and I was really looking forward to it too. Jeff Hardy got a pop introducing the ladder, but they effectively killed and buried the whole gimmick in the process.

-The BroMans? Really TNA? Really?

-Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode was match of the night, despite the slightly anticlimactic finish. This match fired the crowd up!

-Blah debut for EC3. Interesting to see him utilize Dean Ambrose’s finisher. Wonder if he picked that up in NXT.

-Wow, the crowd crapped all over Sting vs Magnus. The chants included “We Want Hogan” (with a hilarious callback of “No We Don’t!”) and “We Want Spidey” directed to a guy in the fifth row dressed entirely as Spider-Man. Disappointing match.

-Luckily the main event was great. AJ Styles’ 450 through the table was amazing. Odd that Bully’s supposed resurrection of Aces & 8’s never took place, nor did his mystery backup seem compelled to help him retain..

-AJ celebrating in the crowd was great. It was odd that his entrance music never changed from his “Evil Ways” song despite the “Get Ready to Fly” graphics appearing.
After the show, a stagehand gave a little boy a piece of the broken table at ringside. Cute gesture.

Despite my complaints, I had an amazing time

Biggest Pops: AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Kurt Angle and Sting

Most Heat: Dixie Carter (easily), Bully Ray and (surprisingly) Magnus

IDGAF (no reactions at all): Manik and EC3

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5 Responses to “Another Fan Report From TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    The company needs to be restructured from scratch.

  2. iamanadult says:

    a few pointers. james storm, bobby roode, aj styles, mr anderson, austin aries, magnus and samoa joe are your top guys for main events – Then you have your 'legends' section in kurt angle, jeff hardy, bully ray and sting. use them wisely so that when they come out they have the nostalgia factor.

    With your midcarders, develop them. i.e. bromans have a dancing fist pump theme song but walk out with zero charisma. EY is the best entertainer in the business, highlight him more. gunner seems to be great but i honestly dont know who he is, tell me about him, make me care about what he does good or bad. sabin is the worst heel in the world. if doc has been resigned you could do a lot with him, american bad a gimmick or something.

    Production wise, less is more, slow entrances down, give the great professional wrestlers longer matches. Keep it clean. dont start going mental with hammers and ripping the ring up, people dont care these days theyd rather see a decent finish with maybe a little controversy i.e. roodes hand being placed on the rope by the referee

    commentators get excited for big spots! or bring don west back

    tv. just put impact out every week, live if you can, leave it as it was if youre taping it, show your big 4 events free on tv on the sunday


    That’s dumb.

  4. Laker says:

    This guy feels like I do when I went to San Diego. I’m somewhat disappointed but actually happy when we all got a chance to celebrate with Aj. AJ made the day

  5. purpleurkel says:

    This guy is a douche..It was a great PPV.

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