Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 10, 2012
Another Knockout Parts Ways With TNA?

Another Knockout Parts Ways With TNA?

It would appear that Rosita is no longer affiliated with TNA Wrestling. The organization updated its Knockouts Photo Galleries page over the weekend and the sparingly seen wrestler was removed from its roster list along with Traci Brooks and Winter, who both confirmed parting ways with the organization.

Rosita is still listed on the main roster page, although several performers who have parted ways with the organization since May remain listed. This includes Devon, Matt Morgan, Ric Flair, Velvet Sky and Winter.

The 21-year-old wrestler has been without a role since Mexican America quietly dissolved in the spring. Her last television appearance took place five months ago on the April 17 episode of iMPACT! Wrestling. During her absence, she became a certified instructor of Zumba and continued to compete for various independent leagues.

Meanwhile, Rosita, whose real name is Thea Trinidad, recalled her out-of-character interview at last year’s No Surrender pay-per-view event remembering her father, who died ten years ago that day in the September 11 attacks.

“Last yrs #NoSurrender PPV INTERVIEW gave u a piece of therealme. My story, my love4wrestling, my drive4 allaroundsuccess lives on thx2my Dad,” she tweeted. “I’m so appreciative of the love and support of my family, friends and fans.. You all help fuel my fire. God has blessed me in so many ways.”

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35 Responses to “Another Knockout Parts Ways With TNA?”

  1. Mr. Excitement says:

    Oh well, not a big loss.
    In my opinion Madison Rayne is the best knockout in the company right now.

    • SageStinger says:

      I think you're forgetting Tara there. She's a vet, and she's great in that ring. That being said, I don't think Madison is as bad as you believe. But alas, nowhere near as good as Mickie, Tara, Sarita, Rosita, and even Tessmacher for that matter.

      • IW4EVA says:

        TNA needs a younger KO icon to look upto … Tara is like 42 now though she is performing well , i would say younger KOs should be groomed to eventually take over who are less diva like and more KO like

        • SageStinger says:

          Tara just groomed Brooke. Brooke was trained by Tara and you can tell. That's what I was saying earlier, Brooke looks better than Madison does, and Madison has been there longer. And while I know that most people like Velvet more than Madison, I think madison looks even better than Velvet has EVER looked (in ring that is) . KO's still have a very solid division! Just needs to be developed more.

          • IW4EVA says:

            I would rather bring some tough hardcore style female wrestlers from Shimmer or Indy scene … Brooke , Madison are just a notch above Divas in wrestling skills …. You look at ppl like Hamada , Daffney ,Awesome Kong , Rashida ,Roxxii, Raisha Saeed … they are the kinda KOs that TNA needs and what differentiated them from WWEs Divas

    • Dirk1n says:

      Madison is awesome, gets massive heat very easily (do you watch with the volume off?) and is easily my favourite KO for some time now, I love her theme music too, I just wish they'd give her a better finisher

      • Mr. Excitement says:

        Exactly! Madison plays her role very well and gets massive heat. I don't understand why some complain about if she can wrestle or not. Wrestling is more about characters/storylines than wrestling. TNA falls in the same category as WWE – sports entertainment.

        Only difference is TNA allows wrestlers to go all out in the ring.

      • Raincold57 says:

        at what? has she ever had a great match like mickie vs tara in a steel cage? nope. your doing what wwe fans do wwe shoves ppl down the fans throats non stop so you think they're great cause of the tv time they get .. plus you go from kong, taylor wilde, alissa flash, daffeny, to madison and brooke tess yeah and you wonder why ppl are trashing the ko's gee have no idea.. you may like her but fans are tired of seeing 3 ko's for the last 8 months i am sure u have no problem with having the same 3 ko's for the entire year but most fans dont

        • Mr. Excitement says:

          I mentioned Madison is the best Knockout right now. She plays her character well. Tara can wrestle but she's boring. Tessmacher is garbage. Kong, Wilde, Flash and others are NOT Knockouts because they're not employed with TNA.

          Why are you putting a bunch of words in my mouth? Where did I say Madison's great because she gets TV time? Where did I say I love watching the 3 Knockouts TNA keeps giving us? The KO division right now is at its worst.

          And I forgot Gail Kim was part of the TNA roster.

          Since you're so concerned with wrestling matches (Mickie/Tara for example), why don't you stop following TNA and start watching indy promotions?

          From your comments it seems you have a big issue with TNA.

    • Raincold57 says:

      sarita is the best wrestler they have and she has never gotten a push or even held the belt ever yet velvet, brooke and madison have??? and sarita spent the last 2 years jobbing to them .. if madison left tna nobody would care well actually ppl would cheer and say finally they can push others

  2. hangers says:

    Not much with the KO's to get inspired about lately…

  3. shanedraper says:

    velvet sky is still on there, i hope she will be returning soon

  4. voyaga1 says:

    I hope Velvet sky comes back….her "let the pigeons lose" ring entrance was getting really hot! I
    don't understand why they would let her go. The KO division needs girls like her that are hot…charismatic…have mic skills and can wrestle.

  5. DJBIGCG says:

    I she really is gone, I wonder why her and a lot of other wrestlers who have already left tna want out so bad when tna is supose to have a lighter work schedule and everything else

    • Raincold57 says:

      when you're not on tv since march because of BFG taking all the time and the ko division is basicly only pushing 3 ko's and you're not one of them ..yeah i'm sure that has nothing to do with it lol yeah i'm sure winter, angelina, rosita loved been off tv for so long.. just sayin

    • Dirk1n says:

      It doesn't mean they wanted to leave
      Some are bitter they didn't get world titles, some wanted a better contract, some wanted to actually be used

      • Raincold57 says:

        uh no they wanted to be used?? how dare they.. dont they know how great madison is she way is better than winter, sarita, mickie and tara… being saracastic btw

  6. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Not a big loss. Was never amazing.
    This better not mean that Sarita is on her way out too…

  7. Dirk1n says:

    Dixie said a few years back that TNA cycled female talent, or something similiar, I can't find that quote anywhere, it seems that's still the case

    I like Rosita but she was never exactly good in the ring, strange that TNA are (reportedly) letting her go as I can't imagine she was costing the company very much compared to others on the roster

    I'm still hoping they bring Roxxi back, again

  8. ariesstormjoe says:

    another knockout not been on tv enough to really be a significant loss imo. tna's knockouts division is lacking quantity imo but am sure they will build it up again as their finances get better in the future.

  9. JoeWrestling says:

    She wasn't very good, didn't seem very excited to be there when you met her in person. It didn't help her she was stuck with Sarah, cause Sarah definitely thought she was better than being there, she didn't want to be around fans (and not as part of the gimmick).

  10. IW4EVA says:

    TNA is in the process of restructuring its roster and it seems to be a nice move , no harm this one

  11. whatsup121 says:

    if you like her , you like her
    if you don't like her , you don't like her
    either way a loss, is still a loss
    TNA needs to wake up and smell the coffee
    beforet it's to late, now that BFG over they'll be
    back on , then when BFG picks up next year they'll
    be gone again. What does it say to a company when
    your employee's (talent) is leaving in droves.
    It say's wake up and fix the problem asap

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      has to be considered their role in the company tho. if talent doesnt work they arent getting paid. ideally they would fire brooke hogan. she takes a lot for doing not a lot.

      going live has cost tna some of their talents imo. going live costs tna $500,000+ (what dixie says). so 1. how much of that over the course of going live could have gone to recent talents leaving? 2. tna used to have 2 shows every 2 weeks. and it used to work out if talents werent working the first show. they'd usually be involved in the 2nd. now tho they have 1 live show a week. and remember what they pay talents covers flights, hotel booking etc. now usually talents are used more consistently from show to show. if tna could manage to get a 2nd 2 hour weekly taped show. then they could manage to keep more/all fringe talents a lot easier. and then those fringe talents will become part of the main roster due to injuries and talents resting. until this happens tna will struggle to keep hold of its fringe talents.

      they kept bully ray? why? main roster talent.

  12. whatsup121 says:

    On an alternative note TNA's newest Knockout Taeler Henderix posted on her Facebook account today that she started YOGA today – just saying

  13. HolsG says:

    She never got a chance to prove herself in TNA, she was always Sarita's sidekick

  14. akcbd says:

    I liked her when I saw her…but obviously she wasn't on t.v a lot….shame now though, coz they could of done something with Chavo for her.

  15. shanedraper says:

    thats right on the anniversary of 9/11 when her dad died shes left, i remember last year her talking about how proud he would be that shes in tna

  16. Ultimate_X says:

    this is getting beyond a joke. there needs to be fore than 5 knockouts, and more than one angle in the division!!

    • Raincold57 says:

      i agree ppl on here keep defending madison even though they cant recall one good match she has had and over praise her for getting heat when fans giv her no reaction . i'm sure having a 3 ko division they dont mind but fans with smarts dont like that.

  17. Raincold57 says:

    i guess tna only needs 3 women in the ko division lol

  18. just2sweeet says:

    In my opinion, Rosita and Velvet Sky were 2 of the best parts of TNA. Velvet had definitely earned the distinction of being the "face" of the Knockouts… she's an excellent performer, wrestler, and entertainer… she went "all out" every night and gave the fans their money's worth… she definitely deserved more respect, money, and championships than TNA gave her!
    Rosita had lots of great potential but was already starting to come along and develop very nicely… her in-ring skills were good and continued to improve… she also played her character well.
    Then there's the fact that they are both freakin' HOT… each in a different way, which makes them even better!
    Bad move TNA… very bad move!

  19. The_Champ says:

    I will miss Rosita Damn she was Fine. I remember when The Knockout Division was real Good when Awesome Kong was there. (that Era) Please wwe divas they Suck!

  20. loyoltnafan says:

    Rosarita never got any better. A person who shows up and cuts a paycheck. Hard work pays off. She had no athletic ability and no mic skills. On to the next set of KO. Hoping for some bright new talent.

  21. OzzfactorDro says:

    Velvet Sky was the only "Holy Crap, they let her go???" to me. I like their current roster change. Believe it or not, they're talent-heavy. Hogan, Sting, Bully, Storm, Roode, RVD,Robbie E, Hardy, Pope, Chavo, Joe, Anderson, AJ, Daniels/Kaz, and so on. They could actually stand to lose two of those guys (if they're financially strapped like I heard) and the show would STILL be good.

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