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Another Live Report From Last Night’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings

Another Live Report From Last Night’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings

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When tickets first went on sale they were not selling anything in the upper deck of the building, but last night there was a decent amount of people sitting there so they must have done well attendance wise. The building itself only has seating on 3 sides, normally there is always a stage to block off one side anyway, but Sears Center only has 3 sides and holds a touch over 11K.

I thought the crowd was lively throughout most of the show but as to be expected in the 2nd taping the crowd was burned out unless there was a big move or a big star coming out. It didn’t seem like everyone knew about the 2nd taping, but Christy did announce after the closing angle on the first show that there were still more matches to come. Also, I understand the reasons why they do it but, I think they burn out the crowd with all the contests to find the loudest fans to take backstage before the show and during TV breaks. It felt like everyone was all screamed out by the 2nd taping.

Not sure how the audio came across on tv but Bully and A&8’s got a sizable pop when they came out to start the first taping. Chicago always is a heel town it seems but I think some of this was an ECW crowd and that contributed to the pop for Bully. But, he did a good job turning the crowd against him and the A&8’s as the show went on. Looked like Atlas Security was also there making sure there was no trouble when the A&8’s went back through their entrance. Seemed like Bully was getting in the faces of several fans when he was coming and going.

When they brought out the announcers to start the taping Taz got a big pop and an ECW chant, unreal it’s 2013.

The crowd didn’t seem to like Brooke when she was discussed by others but when she came out during the 2nd taping they cheered her. Seems like if it was Knockout related the crowd was cool with her, but if it was Hulk/Bully related they liked seeing her get humiliated. Perhaps it was just Chicago though lol.

As others said they didn’t really show much backstage videos on the big screen.

Before the show began Dixie did come out and thanked us for coming and said she knew Chicago was the right place to kick off this on the road series.

I’m not sure if it made air or this was during the tv break but fans did start to throw items at A&8’s during the segment where they were in the ring calling out Hogan before the 1st show closed. It seemed like one of the floor directors was making a motion with her arms that they wanted people to throw items, but it could have been her trying to lead the crowd to boo or start a chant against Bully.

The show was fun live and hopefully it came across good on TV an that they can come back for a PPV or another taping later.

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5 Responses to “Another Live Report From Last Night’s TNA iMPACT! Tapings”

  1. HolsG says:

    Who cares if the reaction is encouraged, gets fans pumped there and at home.

  2. Goeroe1981 says:

    Last impact was one of the best shows in a long time. I like how TNA is making progress and the big arena helps out a lot too. The atmosphere just is bigger. If they can keep up making shows like this other wrestlingfans will have to be drawn to impact. I said it before one big debut from a famous WWE guy with starpower will do the trick. I can see a monday ***ht war even coming out of this. But i have the feeling this is all in for TNA somehow. I really hope they can pull it of because i can watch WWE, but choose to follow TNA because it feels better suited for me.

  3. Treck says:

    I am the same way Goeroe1981. Tna is more suited for me and I cannot watch wwe. Tna by doing this to me is like a rebirth and if they can pull in shows like last night. No fan who gave up on them has an excuse now to why they do not watch them but only wwe. If they still give up on TNA. They were never real fans to begin with.

  4. (CHI) NWO 4-Life WCW Guy says:

    i was there live as i have said in other comments and i was drained when i left after the 1st live show, as the guy who made this post said every1 around me including myself had no idea they were taping impact rite after, jeremy borash made an announcement about 8 more matches but i thought it was gonna be something for xplosion, regaurdless was tired n left had i known it was impact i wouldve stayed n gave it my all in the enthusiasm part, we were rocking and rolling last night though, i was heavily into the live show screaming every other second, tna cannot make a taping after a live show and expect it to come offf as well as the live show, theres just no energy in it, 4hours str8 actually longer with the intermission, but damn, when your live you kno your live you wanna be your loudest, you give it your all than at the end of the show SURPRISE were taping next weeks show get ready for 2 more hours, lol i waz warn out buzzed n my shorty was tired as hell, my nigga was ready to dip wit his family and we was gone… tna if you do a live show dont tape after, wait till the next day at least and if not and you must tape rite after at least warn us fans that are attending your show so we can better prepare ourselfves for 4 hours of total nonstop action as opposed to 2. Thanks TNA TNA TNA TNA

  5. revrock20 says:

    Forget Monday. That's old and tired. Thursday should be the new wrestling night. It's a great way to bring in the last work day ( for most) and usher in the weekend. Monday is suppose to be hated. It is the way of things. I look forward to Thursday night. Monday day or night, not so much anymore.

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