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AUDIO: Bully Ray Discusses The House Of Hardcore Issues

AUDIO: Bully Ray Discusses The House Of Hardcore Issues

Below are some highlights and a video for Bully Ray’s recent appearance on Ring Rust Radio:

Bully on his match with EC3 at Slammiversary: “Here’s the deal, these types of matches I can do with my eyes closed. I’ve been having hardcore matches, table matches, any type of violent matches for a long, long time. I think this is Ethan Carter’s first match like this if I’m correct. Ethan Carter is stepping into a style of match which he is unfamiliar with and he is stepping in the ring with a guy who’s basically the top two or three of this style of match, period. Ethan Carter has very smooth, pretty skin, and when you chop it a certain way, it splits right open, and that’s what I’m going to do to him. I’m going to split his skin open, I’m going to chop him until he bleeds and hopefully bleeds to death. I’m definitely excited about the match. Slammiversary is a huge event for TNA. The Texas crowds have always been great for us and to be able to get my hands on a Carter and spill their blood in Dallas, Texas is going to be great for this kid from Hell’s Kitchen.”

Bully Ray on feuding with Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter: “A story is a story and she is a performer, she is someone on our television show and I don’t care who I’m standing across the ring from, if they’re in the ring with me, I’m going to make sure that it’s the best possible performance. I’m going to make sure they up their game and I’m going to make sure, first and foremost, that the people get what they paid to see and when it comes to Dixie Carter, the one thing that every TNA fan, every WWE fan, every ROH fan, every House of Hardcore fan, every wrestling fan around the world wants to see that lady get Powerbombed through a table.”

Bully Ray on performing at the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center and other cities such as Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: “For me, it’s always great, I love performing in the Northeast, not because I’m from the Northeast, because I know what kind of atmosphere and what kind of fans there are in the Northeast. They’re so passionate and they’re so into the product. This is going to be the first time, I believe, that we will be taping in Pennsylvania and the first time we’ll be taping in New York City, and I think this is a great opportunity for TNA to take the wrestling world by the balls and show everybody what we’re really about. Entirely too many people sit back and knock TNA and don’t give it enough credit and those are the people, I believe, who look at the product with jaded glasses or whatever the term is and just bash, bash, bash. TNA is a really good company, is every single storyline good? No. Is every single wrestler good? No. Is every single baseball player good? No. Is every single football player? No. You get a mix, and I think the wrestlers are going to feed off of the Pennsylvania crowd, I think they’re going to feed off of the New York City crowds, and I think they’re going to be some of the most top notch performances you’ve ever seen.”

Bully Ray on the recent removal from House of Hardcore: “If Tommy wanted to get involved, I would be more than happy to step to the side for just a moment so he could get his two cents in because you guys all sit back and say ‘oh, this is part of a wrestling story’. Guys, let me make you understand something. She pulled a scumbag move, more of a scumbag move than you people really know. I was booked in the main event two nights for my best friend’s up and coming promotion and then at the very last second got me pulled off. She pulled me off in a way where she could justify it and contractually, I could not sue her because she pulled me off for another TNA Spike event. She fucked me over, she fucked Tommy over, most of all she fucked the fans over. It’s a big deal. You hear the term ‘this person crossed the line’, Dixie Carter really crossed the line with this move and made it a lot more personal than a lot of people realize.”

Bully Ray on reinventing himself after putting so many years into the business: “The inspiration for me of always trying something new comes from the rock n’ roll world, watching bands like Kiss and Motley Crue. They go out there every year and they’re playing the same songs but they always find a different way to present it to you, a different stage set, a different feel, and that’s what I try to go out there and do. I try to take the rock n’ roll approach to things, whether I’m out there and people love me or people hate me, I try to go above and beyond. If people love me, I want them to name their first born child after me. If people hate me, I want them to slash my tires and despise me to a whole new level. I’m always thinking of new ways to do things and I’ll always be passionate about the business and I’ll always be passionate about taking the fans on a roller coaster ride, so that’s what keeps me going.”

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