Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 26, 2013
AUDIO: Dixie Carter Talks iMPACT! On The Road, Future, More

AUDIO: Dixie Carter Talks iMPACT! On The Road, Future, More

Brandon Baxter talks to TNA President, Dixie Carter, about iMPACT! Wrestling in Jonesboro. They talk about taking Impact on the road, why Jonesboro was the second market to get the live TV event, working with Hogan & Sting, the stars of the future…why she feels TNA is a superior product, the evolution of their televised product, the first time she met Jeff Jarrett back in the 80′, her thoughts on the Knockouts and much more!

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  1. Sturk says:

    Many wrestling fans don't appreciate history while they're actually living it. It will take for them to be old and gray before they appreciate what they're actually witnessing. Impact Wrestling's first full time shows on the road! OMG this story will be told for years and years on dvd's, blu rays and the new technologys in the future. You guys are all first generation TNA fans. That would be like being the first AWA, WWE, WCW and ECW fans! I'm excited to say I ordered their first Wednesday night ppv.

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