Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 12, 2012
Austin Aries & Daniels Talk TNA’s X-Division & More

Austin Aries & Daniels Talk TNA’s X-Division & More

Source(s): Monday Night Mayhem & Pwtorch

Austin Aries & Daniels recently spoke about the future of the TNA X-Division. Here are the highlights…

Austin Aries: “You take someone like myself out of the X Division, and that was a big hole that had to be filled. You see Zema Ion stepped up, and Sonjay Dutt, who has had some issues with his shoulder, but has come back from that. You saw Kenny King make his debut, and I think we will be seeing him again. There’s an influx. There are guys coming in and making some impressions. We will see what happens there.”

Daniels: “I think Kenny King is going to be somebody to see once the focus is back on the X Division. I feel like Kenny deserves the spotlight. I think Sonjay Dutt is finally going to get an opportunity to shine once he gets back from his shoulder injury. And he’s someone who has a lot of character, he just hasn’t been able to show it. And then Zema (Ion), of course. He’s a great character, he’s a great athlete. He’s very young, but he has a lot of experience. It’s a matter of giving him an opportunity to show that side of him.”

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11 Responses to “Austin Aries & Daniels Talk TNA’s X-Division & More”

  1. soulbadguy says:

    i'm not just effin pretty but im pretty effin dangerous!
    (rvd music plays)
    rvd: then you have to deal with the wholee effin show!

    • tnadude says:

      Yeah – great work by both guys. Should be a terrific match. And it goes to show that you don't need to have a ton of TV time to build a compelling story either.

      • jbcissom says:

        I'm hoping that TNA mgmt doesn't make Ion job to RVD. This is RVD's chance to help build up a younger guy. Just think of how much potential this match has.

        • Dante_Cross says:

          If RVD becomes X Division champion, well, that will just be terrible for everyone. He is too slow and to be honest, most X division guys usually have a better set of technicals skills than regular wrestlers. That's one of the things that made the X division stand out; they were not just your spotty high flyers, they could/can actually wrestle and I can't recall the division having any brawlers (aside from Abyss) since the early days, and that is mostly what RVD is.

          • tnadude says:

            You know, I'm not so sure about that. I'm not particularly an RVD fan, but for kicks, let's assume he wins the belt on Sunday.

            He's certainly got to be the "favorite" to win, so Ion doing the job doesn't hurt him. Then, it sets the stage for the rest of the X-Division to look good against a guy who is probably headed into the HOF. Ion then embarks on a feud with RVD which raises awareness of Ion.

            And when Ion eventually wins the strap back, it allows him to carry a meaningful feud with Jessee Sorenson, which is something that would be hard for him to do right now.

            So, done correctly, it could actually work. Wow, never thought I'd make a case for RVD winning a strap!

            That said, I question whether RVD would even carry the strap. He seems to have his sights set on winning back the WHC.

          • soulbadguy says:

            Don't forget the belt can be cashed in for the WHC in destination X.

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Too slow? I think the heavyweights have a hard time keeping up with RVD.

            RVD could really help build the X Division. I'm not going to be upset if he wins or loses Sunday. I'm just saying that TNA ALWAYS GIVES RVD PLENTY OF TIME ON TV. If he were to compete in the X Division, it might bring a bit of spot light to the division. Much needed spotlight, I might add.

            RVD is a brawler? The guy is technically sound, when he needs to be. He can chain wrestles, knows several submission moves, etc. I get the feeling most of you guys never seen his infamous feud with Jerry Lynn? Those matches weren't just "outright brawls." Those matches built from chain wrestling exchange to spots/brawling, but not just "brawling."

          • Dirk1n says:

            RVDs not quite as fast as he used to be but he's still capable in the ring
            I only saw his two matches with Lynn in TNA but was impressed, it's a shame RVD isn't putting on a show like that every PPV he's on

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Go look up his ECW matches with Jerry Lynn. They weren't allowed enough time for their TNA matches to actually matter quite as much. Search RVD vs Lynn at Guilty As Charged 2001. Great freakin match.

            RVD could put on that exact quality matches if he was allowed. TNA has decided to take the "sports entertainment" way of booking as opposed to the "physical contest" aspects. That doesn't benefit guys like RVD, or even Hardy. His insane/unbelievable training routine will keep him young for a long time to come.

          • ViceyThaShizzle says:

            I'd class Doug Williams as a brawler, he isn't your normal x-div athlete anyway… and he was champ for how long?

  2. Ringmaster44 says:

    It's a solid last minute match with easy heat and interest on it, it'll be a very interesting outcome either way and is a cool bonus to BFG. Maybe van dam does a heel turn after winning belt pulling a promo like in ecw where he complans he wasn't gona be booked on the card and we finally see the cool cocky heel rvd from ecw return. obviously i can keep dreamin on that one but tell me you wouldn't enjoy that if done correctly?

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