Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 15, 2013
Austin Aries Speaks Out – His Idol, Ultimate X, & More

Austin Aries Speaks Out – His Idol, Ultimate X, & More


Austin Aries recently spoke about the Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory and more. Here are the highlights…

Aries on his idol growing up: “Bobby Heenan is one of my favorites of all time. Even back in the AWA, I just always thought he was great. And obviously The Horsemen dominating as well as Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Magnum T.A., The Midnight Express, and The Freebirds. Of course Jake Roberts and Rick Rude. Those are the guys I grew up watching and idolizing.”

Aries on his favorite opponents: “I always mention Bobby Roode. We just click on a lot of different levels. We grew up appreciating the same type of wrestler and same type of wrestling. We are similar students to the game. We work together against each other or as a tag partner. Guys like Samoa Joe, no matter what it’s been, what promotion, every time we are in the ring there is such an easy storytelling and psychology in there. We always had good matchups. Matches with Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan of WWE) have always brought the best out of me. We’ve had a number of clashes over the years. Those are some guys off the top of my head.”

Aries on Ultimate X: “Bound for Glory is Impact Wrestling’s biggest event. It is out in San Diego, and it is a whole weekend event. Unfortunately, I find myself challenging for the X Division Championship in an Ultimate X Match. It is exactly the type of match I look forward to as well as the fans. But there is an extra element of danger, having to scale a 20ft rope to grab the belt where it is hanging over the ring. You have three former world champs (Aries, Chris Sabin, and Jeff Hardy), as well as the current X division champ, Manik, and we all bring a little something different to the table. Anything can happen, and it is an exciting match for the audience and you definitely get sweaty palms participating in it because of the dangers that come with The Ultimate X Match.” [Editor’s note: The interview was conducted before Samoa Joe was added to the Ultimate X match.]

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10 Responses to “Austin Aries Speaks Out – His Idol, Ultimate X, & More”

  1. Laker says:

    All of them have been a world champion at least onceexcept for Manik. I was really hoping Kenny King was added.

  2. Pippin says:

    When they announced Ultimate X for BFG, I wondered why they left out Kenny King. I mean, he was out there with the rest of them and appeared to have started something with Aries too.

  3. OldManEaston says:

    It shows that Austin Aries was influenced by Rick Rude. Aries is very similar in the way he carries himself onscreen. Two of the best wrestlers to never hold the WWE championship.

  4. NotCookz says:

    I'd go gay for Aries.

    No lie.

  5. A_Double says:

    Hope they do follow up on the Aries/King angle. Has promise.

    • Stunner says:

      Yes it does if Kenny King interferes and cost Austin Aries the match then it would be a great fued. Yet it want happen. It will most likely be Jeff Hardy getting the Win, Hardy is good however TNA needs to do something else with him.

  6. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    It looks like they're going down the RVD route with Hardy now. They can't think of anything for him to do so they'll probably slap the x-div title on him for a few months. I could be wrong hopefully.

    • tnadude says:

      My money is on Sabin. If the dirt sheets are right, we're going to see new talent in the X-Division shortly after BFG. Having Sabin defeat 4 former world champions will elevate the belt.

      I just have a hard time seeing Hardy running around with the X-Division title. Joe will be viewed as too big and doesn't even fit the story. Aries is so versatile he doesn't need the strap. That leaves Sabin and Manic. This started with a feud between the two, and I think it ends that way. And the best way to continue the feud and deliver at BFG is with a championship change.

      It also sets up an interesting story line with Velvet (i.e. Chris will likely cheat, then become a "diva" of a champion and want Velvet to kiss the ground he walks on).

  7. godoftna says:

    This Ultimate X match will certainly steal the show, and with 4 former World champions involved, Manik could be set up for a huge boost should he win.

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