Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 23, 2013
Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong Continues To Tease TV Return

Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong Continues To Tease TV Return

UPDATE: Kharma posted the following on Twitter, continuing to tease a return to TV…

So excited about getting new gear! Gotta look fierce for my return to tv. It seems like its been a ‘lifetime’
— Kharma (@Kharma) July 23, 2013

ORIGINAL: Kharma posted the following on Twitter…

Preparing for a fun return to television. More details to follow!
— Kharma (@Kharma) July 21, 2013

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9 Responses to “Awesome ‘Kharma’ Kong Continues To Tease TV Return”

  1. jflegler says:

    I imagine it will be the E; since she is tagging herself with Kharma.

    Would make sense since most of the divas are filming their reality show. Perhaps they will do an angle about "being pretty get's you noticed" and it aggravates Kharma sending her off on a rampage.

  2. jflegler says:

    Found something somewhat interesting on Wiki:

    " According to some news media, such as Diva-Dirt, it was reported that WWE had reapplied for a copyright about a name 'Kharma' on March, hinting a possible return to the company in the near future. Stevens stated that she was on a mission to lose weight. She had recruited a team of fitness experts and a therapist so she could get back into wrestling shape. She also showed interest into turning the whole experience into a reality show."

    Maybe the return to TV is in reality form?

  3. lee4tammy says:

    tna are cutting wrestlers not hiring

    but with gail kim and tyryn teryl having brutal tough womens matches it would be nice to see her back in tna

  4. TNA_fan says:

    I hope she'll return to TNA, heck she can even take Brooke's job…

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