Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 18, 2013
Backstage Morale In TNA Very Low – Details

Backstage Morale In TNA Very Low – Details

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA is gearing up for a huge show tonight with the Destination X themed edition of iMPACT! Wrestling, but morale behind the scenes isn’t that good. As you’ve seen over the last few weeks, there have been releases for cost cutting purposes, as well as the departures of D’Lo Brown and Bruce Prichard in recent days.

TNA has been making cuts to the budget due to the added costs of taking iMPACT! on the road. Costs have increased, but revenues have not, so the move has become a drain on the company.

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  1. foxycaretaker83 says:

    I'm surprised the morale hasn't died yet. Don't get me wrong I wish TNA would finally get a break and get better but just when u think it might then all leads south again. TNA is at a point where u can't even compare it to WCW, at least WCW had its glorious moments.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      tna has had some glorious moments in its past. recently id say gail kim vs taryn last knockout standing match and ladder match were great to see.

      to say morale of talents/backstage staff would be low due to the loss of certain talents lately is a logical thing to say imo. on revenue too. if that doesnt go up then they'll struggle. but i think they're going in the right direction long term. think spike tv could pull their weight more concerning improving tna.

  2. tnadude says:

    Now how stupid would Dixie Carter need to be to not see this coming? Of course the costs > than revenue for doing it. It will take them at least a year to get near black.

    Dixie knows this. These cuts were carefully laid out before they left the Impact Zone. If the numbers look like this – do that. If they look like that – do that.

    Expect more of this as the dust settles. But also – remember it's all part of a master plan.

    Let's just hope it's a good master plan…

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      That's IF they have a plan… I really hope they do, but anyone could've told them that revenue wasn't going to increase because they've done this before. They toyed with the idea several times in the past and always seemed to find that the costs weren't worth it. Going on the road is doing nothing but hurting the company, and quite honestly they need to find something to make wrestling less stagnant and more relevant to america's culture (if it can even be done).

      • tnadude says:

        If they don't, it's all on Dixie. One would hope (sucks to have to use that work, honestly) that the change is in response to the new TV deal with Spike and the partnership with Bellator.

    • nicholal79 says:

      TNA lost its vision once Eric and Hulk were hired! The plan was basically re-written once TNA dismantled its Knockout and X Divisions! They went from young to older talent when those two joined TNA!

      • tnadude says:

        They were hired to grow the company. The 6-sided ring, X-Division & KO division were (are, actually) cool ideas and deserve to be credited for the company still being in existence.

        Still though, it's hard to imagine 5 million people tuning in to see it. It gives off a bit of a circus vibe. Don't get me wrong – it's incredibly cool. I've got nothing against it. I just think Dixie realized she needed to go mainstream to get the growth she wanted.

        Now, that doesn't mean she's gotten that growth. But I think the vision was born in Dixie Carter's office prior to their arrival. Much like this move, the next move is hers as well.

        • nicholal79 says:

          They haven't grown TNA though! TNA is on the verge of shutting down, that is not growing the product!

          • godoftna says:

            I agree. Fact is that Hogan and Bischoff should have been shown the door at the end of his 1st year. 2nd year tops. There has been ZERO growth since their arrival, on set backs. Any growth the company makes is in response to the set backs that come before it. For every step forward, it's two back. The 6 sided ring, X division, KO division, and the once proud tag team division were the hallmarks of what TNA was. It was about being different and setting themselves apart from the WWE, but once Hogan and Bischoff came on board, all that went away. TNA needs to rturn to its roots so to speak. Bring back the 6 sided ring, refocus back on the X, KO, and Tag divisions while promoting top talents in the main event scene. I've said before that TNA needs to focus it's main event/world title scene on guys like AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and Robert Roode. These 3 will lead TNA to the top, not Hogan. They may not have mainstream names, but they bust their butts in the ring to entertain the fans, and that's what the fans pay to see. You may go to watch a movie because your favorite actor is in it, or because your favorite director is filming it, but if the story sucks or the production is poor, then the big, more recognizable names don't mean squat.

          • jbcissom says:

            I usually agree with you got… but I gotta disagree with you on this one. I like you, think TNA gets more out of Hogan the less we see him. But other than that, you're way off. Since H & B have came along, TNA has grown exponentially overseas… this is a factor that so many people seem to forget.

            Also, looking at the releases that were made…
            Taeler Hendricks – nothing special
            Joey Ryan – guaranteed contract, not being used
            Madison Rayne – guaranteed contract, not being used… and also based on her tweets and blog, she wants to take some time out and be a mom… kudos to her for that… she'll be back
            Tara – guaranteed contract (and reported highest paid KO), and what they were using her for, she deserved better
            Matt Morgan – guaranteed contract, not being used (I attribute this to TNA creative not realizing how to book big men/monsters properly)
            D.O.C. – Pritchard's fault
            D-Lo – This is the only one I'm upset with, but he's being a man about it. Classy guy.
            Ole Brucey – good riddance

            And now, about the 6-sided ring, the X-division, and KO division… really. You're telling me you watched TNA because of the ring? Was it solely what made TNA different for WWE? Look at ROH. They use the same squared-circle. And X division… TNA is following through with the cashing in of the X belt, not to mention they just made a new belt. And they're bringing in some new faces. The KO division is the only one anyone can complain about, but like the X division, news is they're looking to bring in some new faces, and we've been treated to the whole Kim-Terrell series, and hopefully we're about to get the same with Mickie James and Gail Kim.

            And guess who has been in the main event match the past several weeks on Impact!…. AJ Styles, AA, and Bobby Roode. Not to mention Joe and Magnus… Sabin… Out of the past month, Hogan was featured in the main event segment only once, and it was to play the role of GM, so Sabin can cash in for his shot at Bully Ray.

            Keep everything in context.

          • Mr. Excitement says:

            Exactly, and I honestly thought the 6 sided ring was dumb. It never helped gain viewers. The fans of the 6 sided ring are still watching TNA now.

            All it was good for was the circus X Division matches.

      • Pippin says:

        "They went from young to older talent when those two joined TNA! "

        That's hardly true. Infact since Hogan & Bischoff came in younger talents have been used better such as Roode, Storm, Aries, Daniels, Kaz, Magnus, Sabin et al.

        That was one of my biggest issues with TNA back then, they wouldn't push the younger talents often enough and one would often see older guys with nothing much to offer going over great young talent, such as Nash over Sabin, Backlund over Shelley, Neidhart over Lethal, not to mention the main event scene rarely having any homegrown talent in it.

        • tnadude says:

          @Pippin – great point.

          They've moved from older talent to younger talent and established stars without LOSING ground. That's actually quite a victory if you think about it.

          • Pippin says:

            Thanks, one of my points was due to be great one of these days! 🙂

            And yes, I agree with you, it is quite the victory and kudos to TNA for being brave enough to put said people at the top of the card. The workers deserve it as well which makes it that much better, at least in my eyes.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    So the company panda energy has more money than the human being vkm, but tna might be in financial trouble or at least in trouble with money issue on certain things, but I rarely hear about wwe aging money issues like tna seems to be having

    • godoftna says:

      I'm sure that despite being a part of a billion dollar company, TNA is given a budget with which they have to work in. It's been made no secret that Dixie Carter's mother is not a big fan of pro wrestling, but she gave her daughter the money anyways. Doesn't mean they are going to break the bank for them. WCW was a part of a billion dollar company, and it went out of business. The WWE IS Vince's business. Despite all the other things that they do as a company, those are all side projects branching off from a pro wrestling company while TNA is essentially Panda Energy's side project.

  4. annil8or4321 says:

    hopefully the newer over sea markets generate some capitol

  5. purpleurkel says:

    which tna star commented on "morale"….nobody! made up to repost old news

  6. TheBringer92 says:

    Wasnt long ago that morale was positive. What a change though, not a surprise really that its low because of all the cuts and late payments.

  7. Nova_numb says:

    No offense to anyone, but TNA isn't shutting down. Has anyone seen the reports that Panda Energy makes Billions…That's like spitting on Vince. This is their daughter and personally I have always seen it as…Dixie" Daddy, I would like to own a wrestling company" Papa Carter" Sure thing honey, now go play and leave Daddy to his work…lol. Plus I never buy into these Morale things, not saying it isn't true…But how are you going to know the morale of an entire Locker Room is down by asking one guy who probably isn't even a wrestler if he is talking to the dirt rags….Oh Fred over in Catering said Morale is down…Better post that right now

    • nicholal79 says:

      Even a multi-billion dollar company is going to be willing to loses millions of dollars a year! What happened to WCW? It is the same exact situation!

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