Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 13, 2017
Backstage News On iMPACT!’s Issues With The Hardys

Backstage News On iMPACT!’s Issues With The Hardys

As noted on Tuesday here on the website, iMPACT! Wrestling filed for the trademarks related to the Broken Hardys back in January. The trademark listing states it was in April, but that may just be the date it was actually filed by the government. Those within the company are upset, feeling that the coverage of the story has been too “pro Hardy.”

Under Dixie Carter’s ownership, iMPACT! did little to nothing to protect or own the trademarks and characters that were created by the company. An example of this is that Bully Ray owns his name and gimmick because he trademarked them. At this time, there are several names being utilized by the company that aren’t owned or trademarked by iMPACT! Wrestling, TNA Entertainment or Anthem Media.

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