Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 16, 2012
Backstage Plans For Eric Bischoff, iMPACT! Tapings, More

Backstage Plans For Eric Bischoff, iMPACT! Tapings, More

Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The plan going forward is for Eric Bischoff to be off TNA TV. He will still be working backstage as a top executive for the company.

— TNA tapes episodes of IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday and Wednesday at The Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

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11 Responses to “Backstage Plans For Eric Bischoff, iMPACT! Tapings, More”

  1. rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

    One Bischoff down, one to go.. (Garrett)

    • RyanWilliam41 says:

      u must not of watched Lockdown..
      Garrett earned respect..

      • JeffandJoker says:

        You think Garrett earned respect????? Why cuz he took a cane shot from his father??? I guess you missed Wrestlemania when HHH hit the Undertaker 25 times with a steel chair and left a HUGE mark on him !!!!

        Now that is earning respect !!!!

      • rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

        You realize what you see on the television screen is a storyline and is part of the script. How the wrestlers really feel backstage may be a different story.

  2. TROOF says:

    Instead of Bischoff being in the back, they should somehow utilize him and add him to the commentary team since he's so damn good on commentary next to Jeremy Borash on Xplosion

  3. MYO716 says:

    That makes sense. No need for him to take up TV time.

  4. Triple f says:

    He’s gone, the son stays! I repeat, there is something incredibly wrong with that picture.

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