Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 3, 2012
Backstage Reaction To Jillian Hall’s TNA Tryout Match

Backstage Reaction To Jillian Hall’s TNA Tryout Match

Former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall tried out for TNA Wrestling last Thursday as she lost to Tara in a dark match.

According to sources, company officials felt she did well.

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10 Responses to “Backstage Reaction To Jillian Hall’s TNA Tryout Match”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    It wouldn't surprise me if she did well, i thought she was kinda decent (from what i remember, which was a long time ago) until they gave her a god awful gimmick.

  2. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    How about we DONT sign this one ?

  3. dcxboxx says:

    she will sing her way to the top every week on impact. imagine her vs brooke hogan in a <nobr><a id="FALINK_3_0_2" class="FAtxtL" href="#">singing contest</nobr> like american idol type angle for about 6 months leading into an eventual match on a ppv or impact between the two over the love interest of garret bishoff. (the horror, oh dear god i hope tna creative doesn't read this site or its comments lol)

  4. Listentna says:

    Put her in a tag team with tyler wilde and build up the knockouts tag division

  5. Listentna says:

    I mean taylor wilde and keep that buger off her face

  6. shanedraper says:

    no, try and bring back the knockouts that have left

  7. Peckar says:

    She's forgettable, move on.

  8. tnadude says:

    I'd like to see them bring Velvet into Aces & 8s. Establish her as a heel by putting Tessmacher out with an injury. Then have ODB step up and feud with Velvet, ultimately ending with the strap around ODB. Tessmacher returns from "injury" (she was really just honing her wrestling skills), and feuds with Velvet while ODB defends the belt against Mickey James.

    My $.02 anyway.

  9. godoftna says:

    seriously, if tna is going to bring in any more knockouts, then they shouldstick to just basic pay per appearance deals and use women from the independant scene. generally, only 2-3 ko's get used over a 3-4 month period, so signing someone to an extended deal is wasteful

  10. hangers says:

    There are so many better girls out there than Jillian Hall…

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