Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 25, 2013
Backstage TNA Morale Up, Dutt Launches Website

Backstage TNA Morale Up, Dutt Launches Website

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— TNA morale is said to be very good on the UK tour. Many talents have noted that the way they are treated overseas is night and day between there and the United States.

— Sonjay Dutt has launched a new website at this link

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13 Responses to “Backstage TNA Morale Up, Dutt Launches Website”

  1. tna24 says:

    yea, because your in the boring impact zone. true die hearts will pay to see. a bunch of randoms will go just to see a free show

  2. bik100 says:

    sonjays website has been up for close to a year now…

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    The morale should be up….they have some of the worlds greatest wrestlers and the public is slowly starting to catch on. Not to mention Wrestlings Wrong Entertainers are following their example like sheep.

  4. UCEAD11 says:

    Another Nut rider offended by the truth of the matter… true fans are on this page….act like one if its possible.

  5. Peckar says:

    Move to the UK. There is a untapped market, why wouldn't you? Concede the states and be the number one company somewhere else.

    • kaecyus says:

      Amen. The pops they got in Nottingham from a three-quarters-full arena were damn /deafening/. If they moved it over here and toured once every four months with their mainstay in say… Birmingham, host their PPVs at Wembley, the place would be nuts.

      Fact is, we paid hard cash and I personally waited hours at a bus stop and was willing to walk for two hours in six-inch snow just to watch the main event finish rather than leave half way through. We showed how much we wanted it, and the fact is we are /wrestling fans/, not people who go to Universal Studios.

      Chanting for Ion as 'Carlito! Carlito!' and shouting 'That's not cool!' when he shorted RVD just showed that we can rib too, but we appreciated them. Whenever there was an entrance or a finish, we stood up and showed our respect with riotous cheering.

    • nobalkain says:

      Not going to happen as this would make it very hard to go to WWE, lets face it most still want to make WWE money if they can. Plus I want them here 🙂

  6. purpleurkel says:

    The Problem IS the Impact Zone. Im quiet and I was the loudest person there. All the people who have no idea whats going on, ruins the atmosphere.
    Do house shows in bigger cities and bring a friggin camera. Boom ratings

  7. purpleurkel says:

    WHY is Sonjay not in TNA?? He is awesome, always has been. X-Division highlight of the year for me was Sonjay vs Rubix on Impact

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