Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 8, 2013
Backstage TNA News – Top Executives Praised & Hope

Backstage TNA News – Top Executives Praised & Hope


— Behind the scenes, there is a lot of hope that the company signing former WWE executive John “Big” Gaburick will be the beginning of some positive changes.

— Dave Lagana and Matt Conway have been getting praised for their work on the creative side by talents in the company.

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8 Responses to “Backstage TNA News – Top Executives Praised & Hope”

  1. Peckar says:

    Some things are good. Aries stealing the X-Division title for one. Shame thats where that story ended though. Some are down right bad. Magnus being in MEM. I understand they are trying to push the guy, but wouldn't him actually ever being in a Main Event have more bearing? If he was fighting for the title and MEM helped him win it would make a hell of a lot more sense than just being put in there without ever being in a main event. It just looks stupid.

    • annil8or4321 says:

      agreed they should have brought someone into the company and just surprised everyone, shock and awe keep people watching

    • JoeWrestling says:

      You have to realize Sting is letting his team pick the members. Sting picked Angle because they are both HOF, etc. Angle picked Joe because of the respect for their rivalry. Joe then picked Magnus because they were World Tag Team Championships together last year and they faced each other at BFG. Plus Magnus is logical because he is at the top of the BFG series, and Magus has personal beef with Aces and Eights. So how in any way is this stupid and nonsensical? You may not prefer it but it makes perfect sense. This isn't WWE, things makes sense. You have to actually watch the story though, and not just obsess over the words "Main Event". You should note MEM stated goals are to rid the company of A&8's (Magnus has beef with them since they tried to bash his head in), and second to get the title off of Bully Ray (Magnus is at the top of the leaderboard and is on fire lately). That's the story, not just "We're Main Eventers". That's how WWE works. They just say "We're the shield" and "We're bringing Justice". Yet, what does any of that mean? Nothing, that's all nonsense. TNA actually has all this planned out for the year, and they've been doing so with year long story arcs since 2010.

      • Peckar says:

        He is just plonked there without so much as ever having a title shot. Nice explanation but it still is the name of the stable. How can you not obsess over Main Event? It's two of the three words in the name of the stable. Why not have a storyline of him joining? Too hard?

  2. whatsup121 says:

    Magnus will be main event status he’s

    Currently leading the BFG series

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Not always the case, I honestly have never seen a BFG series that had a person lead the whole series then actually win it at the end. I've said it for a long time… I can't see magnus being main event material… He's got talent in the ring, but has no personality imo.

  3. brahbrah69 says:

    Magnus > Joe imo

  4. hangers says:

    Of course the talent's going to praise creative, even if they're doing a sh!t job..

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