Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 25, 2014
Backstage TNA Updates On Bully Ray & Velvet Sky

Backstage TNA Updates On Bully Ray & Velvet Sky

— Bully Ray’s contract with TNA officially expired over the weekend and at this time, there is no word if he and TNA are even talking about a new deal.

— While there has been speculation that Velvet Sky is done with TNA, she is currently booked for the show’s upcoming events.

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4 Responses to “Backstage TNA Updates On Bully Ray & Velvet Sky”

  1. tna24 says:

    people come and go nothing new as long as they can find people to replace them all is good. but i can see bully resigning when we dont know

  2. gar2233 says:

    I hope bully re signs with tna

  3. seabee44 says:

    i heard bully in a podcast this year and he was saying he just signed a 2yr contract so if he is gone he got fired. he probably wanted time off to help his best friend tommy dreamer launch house of hardcore. he is not in any of the one night only ppv tapings either so some thing must be going on

  4. Cullet says:

    There just copying wwe with Alberto del rio storyline. All the sudden he’s gone. Probably something backstage. There just not publicly saying what happened. Only difference. They both just copy each other. Watch soon as lashley drops the belt. Brock lesnar will do the same as their both part timers. Bully Rey was in charge of creative in some aspect from what I hear. Maybe with the ratings decline they weren’t happy and let him go or to save money. Shame because he was their lead character of their story last three years and did an incredible job. Kurt is next to be on his way out. He wants to end in we’re his career to b in a real Hall of fame. Tna is going to be in really big big trouble soon.

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