Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 19, 2012
Backstage Update: Alex Shelley To WWE?

Backstage Update: Alex Shelley To WWE?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Despite reports on a Mexican website, former TNA wrestler Alex Shelley had not yet signed a deal with WWE as of last Saturday. Currently, Shelley is set to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling in September and he has been talking on Twitter about how excited he is to wrestle in Japan. Next month, Shelley will also be graduating from college.

WWE is holding a 3-day tryout camp in Los Angeles this week and they have been aggressively going after new talent. As noted earlier, Mason Andrews will be participating in the tryout and is hoping to land a WWE contract. If things don’t go well, TNA has a contract offer on the table for him.

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22 Responses to “Backstage Update: Alex Shelley To WWE?”

  1. whatsup121 says:

    I know its off topic but TNA's Crimson has been sent to OVW to work, he appeared this week's episode of OVW and won his first match. Then he cut his promo declaring himself to be the winner of the Nightmare battle royal

  2. The_Anti_Hero says:

    OK, so the Mexicans lied, why am i not surprised?
    BTW Shelly is still in collage?
    What a loser ;p

    • IHNSAIN says:

      lolz still in collage yeh dude he left school at 18 and went to collage and had to have 11 years to finish a corse. or is it jst cause he is in collage at 29 mabee he didnt have time with training and wanting to make it in the buissnes but of corse he is gonna be done wrestling hell he couled be done by nxt year with a bad injery. guy needs some work skills smart guy

      or are u jst bummed do u think him leaving tna is wrong jst like 60% of this site when some one leaves ppl can move on tna are u bitter?

    • plate says:

      Mexicans are liars? Collage?

      Thanks for making a fool of yourself. We all needed an “lol”.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      who the hell are you to call him a loser? He chose a profession (pro wrestling)..trained for it, then decided to better himself for later in life by going back to collage. What the hell have you done with your life..besides take up space in your parents house

    • toddmikki says:

      i see you never went to college as you have no clue how to even spell it. (face in palms shaking my head)

  3. JordanDanger says:

    Anti hero, I believe the correct term is, in the words of Homer ‘Neerrrrrddddd’ lol

    One can’t help but think WWE. Put the shelly signing on hold until the lawsuit issues had fully blown over.

  4. say says:

    Wow, too many 10yr olds here.

  5. IW4EVA says:

    Being a shelly fan i would rather watch him on WWE rather than not watch him on TV at all ….. having said that it would be great to have Shelly back in TNA some time in the near future

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