Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 25, 2013
Backstage Update – Chris Sabin’s TNA Title Win

Backstage Update – Chris Sabin’s TNA Title Win

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, last week’s world title victory for Chris Sabin was not a last minute decision.

Sabin’s title win was reportedly in the plans “going back several months.”

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21 Responses to “Backstage Update – Chris Sabin’s TNA Title Win”

  1. It looks like "Option C" will be TNA's version of Money in the Bank. Give a deserving young up & comer a quick push to main event, and create new storylines in the process. With a 2-for-2 record, they may also do a "who will be the first to cash in and fail" storyline should this trend continue.

    I for one hope that one year someone not cash in the X division title, have a non-title match with the World Heavyweight Champion, and win. Thus making the X-Division the main event in TNA, and making the Heavyweight title #2. The X-Division is kind of TNA's signature that is unique, sets them apart, and is quickly identifiable.

    Also look at other sports like boxing or UFC… the Light-heavyweight matches draw more than the heavyweight matches nowadays. People would much rather see fast action and more talent than just a muscle-bound bruiser. Cash in on that, TNA!!

    • tna24 says:

      i get what your saying about Option C but we all know sabin far from a young up and coming talent. since he been with tna i believe since the start

      • Sabin may not be young, and those that followed his career may see this as long overdue… but it did give him that much needed push from upper mid-card to main event that some people seem to get stuck at. Especially the smaller guys like Sabin when you have execs that want someone with a certain physique they consider a "proven marketable asset" rather than a risk of a "little guy".

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Who in TNA is a muscle-bound bruiser? I can only think of Rob Terry and Rampage Jackson, and Terry's jumping spin-kick is not too shabby.

    • tna caput mundi says:

      I really like to see the x division become the number 1 title in this company and at the same id like to see this category opened to anyone skilled enough to partecipate in gimmick matches.people like Joe Hernandez in matches like the ultimate x.yeah id like to see TNA of the past.
      btw if heavyweights are people like Angle or Joe or maybe one day Hernandez then i'm happy anyway because they proved how can they do some amazing stunts like the x division pure wrestlers.I really appreciate the high flying action and a surplus it 's to be heavier but at the same time having some serious aerials moveset.

      btw TNA's got to be a different product in a strong way they got to bring the x division to the 70% of the tv product and TNA should do more live shows in a noisy arena and cost cutting with less tour.spread the word

  2. Peckar says:

    Poor decision as champ IMO. The fact it was in the works even more so. Bring back Shelley and reform the MCM's would have been a better idea, especially given the tough times Detroit are seeing now. Put on a free live event there gain good publicity and have two face tag teams that everyone already loves. They try so hard to put wrestlers over in TNA and yet when they have teams or wrestlers that are already over they don't keep them. The value of someone/team is how over they are, why mess that up is something I will never understand. Its like trying to put EY over as a serious wrestler, you don't need to, he is over the way he is. Stop messing shit up. They look to be wising up, but who made these terrible decisions to begin with.

    • TheFurnitureom says:

      Disagree with this, but in terms of Alex Shelley, Sabin winning the title in theory has given Alex a nice chance himself to come back as a main event persona. There's a huge heel in the making if he chooses, but from what I know, he's not remotely interested in coming back for now.

    • jbcissom says:

      I get what you're saying, because I was a HUGE outspoken critic of AA winning over Roode. But I was proven wrong, and in the process, became a fan of AA.

      I like Sabin carrying the strap a bit, because hopefully he'll be more fan-friendly than Jeff Hardy was at the facade in Mizzou. But this guy needs a lot of mentoring on the mic. The less he talks right now, the better.

      But seriously, TNA needs to take the word "heavyweight" out of that title name.

      • Peckar says:

        But Aries is great on the mic. Why give Sabin the belt before he is ready to be "the man". I don't get it.

  3. tna caput mundi says:

    @jjbcissom the word heavyweight for a "non heavyweight " can emphasize how someone can overcome the odds.btw like i said in the past i really like to see the x division as the main title with no limits only rule to be skilled enough for aerials moves and fast pace.I appreciated Angle so much for his dedication to getting better even his aerials moveset.

    • jbcissom says:

      And having a "non heavyweight" win a "heavyweight" title diminishes it for the remaining heavyweights. There was a reason why WWE stopped calling it's top title the heavyweight title when Jericho won both belts…. he wasn't a heavyweight at that time. He became the undisputed champ… and from then on out… WWE had the WWE title and the World title.

      • jflegler says:


        Markedly, call it the TNA World Title – it will still separate it from the divisional titles. Besides, "world" is a much stronger word than "heavyweight".

        • tna caput mundi says:

          @jflegler i replied to jbcissom but my answer is the same for you;i respect your point of view because it was mine until some years ago but i changed my mind and i explained why.

          "World" is a strong word but "heavyweight" defines a category.
          The main event in the history of this sport has always been attended by heavyweights and until the day x division(with no weight limits) would become the number one title( i suppose it will never happen) then the number one title would be more avalaible for the heavyweight wrestlers in the first place.

          So changing for exceptions is not right,i would rather change the value; i would even erase the world title and unify it with the x division without weight limits and then any kind of wrestlers must be forced (in storylines and even in reality) to improve in the aerials moves;
          (with the titles unification ,then tv title would be the title number2)
          ok Xdivision will never be the number 1 title but i like to share my opinions.

      • tna caput mundi says:

        @jbcissom Dont get me wrong but you take wwe like everything they do it's unanswerable.

        In my opinion if TNA want to emphasize an x division guy stepping to the next level (that usually it's only a category for the heavyweights ),then i like it.

        btw until i watched wwe ,even rey misterio has been world heavyweight champ .

        but at the end of the day i get your point and honestly in the past i was thinking the same as you ;(maybe i was more disappointed than you because as far i remember i really hated rey misterio with that "heavyweight " beside his name,i mean i respected him for his ecw wcw and some part of his tenure on smackdown but even if i was already an adult and i've always admired cruiserweights, i used to not wanted them mixed in the heavyweight category,that's why i used to identify and connect myself better with heavyweights because of not being a short guy )

        Now it's been a long time ago that i changed my mind about that and i respect TNA's idea.That's because of people like joe and aj styles :they got everything , heavyweight or not,x division or not.

        • jbcissom says:

          Your last sentence… because of guys like Joe and AJ… these guys along with AA and Sabin are the reason TNA needs to get rid of the "weight" divisions. A non-heavyweight should not be a heavyweight champion. That's the reason why in boxing, kick-boxing, amateur wrestling, and MMA they don't allow people to compete in a weight division unless they meet the weight requirements.

          • tna caput mundi says:

            first things first: id like to remind you i respect your pov and most of all i can understand your thoughts about it because in the first place it was also my pov about it ;but at the same time i hope you respect my new pov too or this discussion is worthless.

            Then your saying that even if a non heavyweight would be only an exception then you wouldnt accept it ?

            I think your statement would be more likeable if it would be opened to some exceptions .

            Even nowdays that i complete accept non heavyweight wrestlers in the heavyweight scene i could understand better your considerations if your saying that you would not accept the word " heavyweight "only because there are A LOT of exceptions in this range.

            I mean i think you shouldnt be so restrictive to the weight aspect, if it would be the case of two or 3 exceptions.

            I mean we are talking about to suspend the disbelief;and we accept to see wrestlers doing 450 splash to entertain the people instead of doing only amateur wrestling holds.
            This is not a kick boxing or boxing it's a predeterminated sport and if you want to see an high flyer against a real heavyweight then we dont have to focus on the heavyweight word.

            I mean i think we are both agree that changing the title's name only because of an "exception" then it would be too much.You reminded me jericho title reign and that was an extraordinary episode , it was an exception to the common wwf standards (i mean a non heavyweight type of champion),and wwf wanted to trademark that reign with a different title's name.

            Like i replied to another user even if i respect TNA decision i d like to see the x division(with no weight limit) as number 1 title but i can understand TNA's pov ,they probably want to use" the overcoming the odds storyline" every now and then for some x division guys in the heavyweight scene.

            and last but not least joe can be considered an heavyweight.btw the exceptions for the heavyweight scene are now only Sabin Aries and AJ .and Do you think Angle's weight is so much inferior to AJ? i mean only Sabin and Aries can be considered real exceptions to the heavyweight scene.

            p.s. another example of non heavyweight in the heavyweight scene for wwe was Christian.

            this a reply for another user that i can redirect to you ,it's my main thought about the major title scene(i repeat i understand TNA decision but i would erase the heavyweight title too only at one condition :changing the values order) :

            "The main event in the history of this sport has always been attended by heavyweights and until the day x division(with no weight limits) would become the number one title( i suppose it will never happen) then the number one title would be more avalaible for the heavyweight wrestlers in the first place.

            So changing for exceptions is not right,i would rather change the value; i would even erase the world title and unify it with the x division without weight limits and then any kind of wrestlers must be forced (in storylines and even in reality) to improve in the aerials moves;
            (with the titles unification ,then tv title would be the title number2) "

          • jbcissom says:

            I get what you're saying, I just don't agree with it… mainly because when you have a non-heavyweight win the championship, it craps on all the remaining heavyweights. Remove the weight limit for the X division (i.e. for Joe). Remove the tag "heavyweight" from the WHC and just call it the TNA World Title.

            TNA has a hard enough time already with the creative direction of big men/monsters (see Matt Morgan, Super Mex, and Abyss), so having a small guy beat an incredible heel when he looks short of the supposed weight limit by over 30 lbs, it screws it up for the other potential guys.

            To me, with your wording, you are saying the "main event" scene equals the heavyweight division (and 10 years ago and prior, it did). The X division and a TV title would be nice for mid carders and high flyers/risk takers. The World Title is for your main eventers regardless of style.

          • tna caput mundi says:

            ok i respect your pov we dont have to be agree about it.
            like i said probably some years ago, i would had the same opinion as you.
            When you are saying "it craps on all remaining heavyweights "i get your point but i would like to suggest to you that you should focus only on skills regardless the style like even you said ( The World Title is for your main eventers regardless of style. ) then after overcoming the weight factor and then judging wrestlers considering them only for their skills,only then i dont think "it craps anybody" ,even if a heavyweight is beaten by a smaller guy (but skilled in the high flying action.)

            Wrestling is for wrestling fans, it's a world ,then we accept the rules inside this world and we shouldnt be focused on the weight factor but only to the different skills.
            Then giving a reward to non heavyweights, in the category that usually has always been for heavyweights (80% ) and not removing the tag, in my opinion i repeat ,it emphasizes the success.
            After accepting this rule i dont think you should think again to the remaining heavyweights destroyed by a smaller dude ,only because he has done what other heavyweights didnt accomplished;

            I mean we should all accept this rule;
            only an external viewer should point about a Brian Kendrick beating a Morgan saying that is not believable; but in the real world how many times someone can use an high flying move in a real fight?
            not so much.

            So in this particular world that despite some lack of reality we accept, it remains a competitive and tough sport, i think we all wrestling fans should not think about the tag "heavyweight".

            (i'm not saying that you are talking like an external viewer because there's a lot of wrestling fans like you and i respect your pov because most of all ,like i said it was the same as mine in the past;
            im only trying to say that we should overstep that "embarrasement " for the other heavyweights "destroyed " because a non heavyweight accomplished something in their category; that embarrasement should not exist simply because we accept a lot of unrealistic things then why not accepting a reward to a non heavyweight in a bigger category?[i know you accept this one but you simply dont want the heavyweight tag but i insist to explain my pov: once you accept a lot of unrealistic things(i m not talking about accepting a woman winning a heavyweight title in the male category … but im only referring to a reward to emphasize an xdivision guy in a bigger category)why not this one?im speaking for myself it wasnt a real question to you lol] )

            but it's only my humble opinion but i get your point and we could keep on saying the same things …so ciao! respect! no need to reply

  4. lethalgunstyles says:

    I would like to see more titles based on style (like the x division title). For example; a technical/submission style belt and division, and a hardcore/brawler title, and then have an open/overall belt where wrestlers from each of these divisions can compete against each other.

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