Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 3, 2012
Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE?

Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE?

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As previously reported, Jeff Hardy’s TNA contract is set to expire in February and there have been rumors of him jumping to WWE or heading to the independents to work alongside Matt Hardy. A source close to the situation now reports that Jeff’s preference is to stay with TNA if they can come to terms.

Hardy is set on money these days and doesn’t need to return to WWE. With that being said, he also does not need to work the brutal travel schedule that comes along with returning to WWE. Nothing is official or signed yet, though.

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13 Responses to “Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE?”

  1. smoof says:

    *face palm*

  2. Nova_numb says:

    So your update is there no update…Geesh. Hey I got an update…Jeff Hardy might go to Walmart sometime this year, but then again he might not..

  3. whatsup121 says:

    I think that if Jeff did leave TNA is would be a slap in the face towards TNA after what happened @ the PPV against Sting. TNA could have dropped him and told him to get his Sh*t together and then come back but no they let him stay and let him prove himself to them and the fans

  4. dcxboxx says:

    if he doesn't sign a new deal it would be awesome if he would sign on to work on a pay per appearence or a part time tna deal and work indies and japan would be awesome or do indies like extreme rising with matt and have occasional matches in tna. he can lighten his schedule since tna are doing more shows and still work tna part time while working with his brother part time outside of tna. thus everyone is happy except for anyone wanting him back in the wwe.

  5. Darkelzallon says:

    I really respect Jeff because he walks away from drugs and become the new clean Jeff Hardy. To me, that is not an easy task.

  6. DJBIGCG says:

    Well writer, for people not needing to leave tna because they don't need the money or anything else, you should tell that same line to booker t cm punk christian nash mcmgs homcide a lot of the knockouts dusty rhodes konan and the list goes on and on

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      difference is with all those ppl and jeff is were they on tv regularly?

      answer starts with an "n" and ends in an "o".

      this will be a problem that affects tna for a while. as they dont have a 2nd show yet but still have a big locker room. where wwe can keep many of their talents is well they are no.1 thus are able to pay their talents more stable tho the reports about midcarders recently suggest many of them arent happy. but whilst they are unhappy. they are in a comfortable job until wwe say "buh-bye". tho in november we'll probably see some releases so more FCW talent can be promoted.

      • DJBIGCG says:

        Yes they were ariesstormjoe. When booker t was on so was mcmg, christian etc…. Come to think of it, I remember that segment in tna where christian angle scott steiner booker and nash were all in the ring, and angle said somrthing like I heard weeks ago that you and your attorney refused negotiations with tna and your going to jump ship back to wwe and he was tierd of being the big fish in a little company. And said they all had that big offer from wwe but turned it down to stay in tna and the punks in the back won't help him when they kick his but

        • ariesstormjoe says:

          mcmg were on tv for a good while but when went off it due to injuries. tna couldnt really put them on tv considering. sabin did his knee, returned shelley did his returned where storylines were already running. shelley asked for release, then sabin did his other knee. so wouldnt say there's a lot of tv time they were getting there.

          christian, booker, nash were all in wwe before had wwe history went back due to ties there. cant stop that.

          bully ray? what did tna do? oh they renewed his contract for 2 years. which tna would consider a long term contract. and he is on tv far more often than many of their talents who have either been released (haskins), asked for release (amazing red, alex shelley) or their contract ran out and the 2 parties didnt come to an agreement about renewal (devon, winter).

    • Nova_numb says:

      Uh Cm Punk wasn't a star in TNA when he was released so I am pretty sure he still needed money back then. Just saying you shouldn't group in tons of people that really have different circumstances. Booker T wants money and just to play announcer (Which I still say he is horrible at), Nash has always made it clear he would work for the Devil if the pay was high enough. MCMG were never big stars outside of TNA, so of course they probably needed money and Sabin couldn't stay healthy for MCMG to still be in the Tag Division with TNA so I don't blame Shelley for going to Japan since he wasn't going to get booked without his partner anymore. Homicide has said he wouldn't mind going back because again he isn't making huge money working for ROH and the Indies. The whole Konnan situation has been covered before where TNA paid for one thing and not another so he got bitter with them and went back to Mexico…All different scenarios if you ask me.

      As for Jeff, I hope he stays. If he ever has another relapse and is working for WWE, they will do what they did the last time and cut him loose as quick as possible, especially if Linda is trying to buy another election. TNA has stuck by him and tried to help him out, I think he needs to remain loyal to them now.

      • dcxboxx says:

        ya no doubt if linda wins because wwe will beforced into the pg world for atleast another 4 years to see if she gets re elected.

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