Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 16, 2013
Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy’s Back Injury

Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy’s Back Injury

Going by a report from the TNA Basebrawl event in Lexington, Kentucky, it’s being reported that former TNA world champion Jeff Hardy may be working through a back injury.

The live event report indicated that after Hardy won his match against Aces & Eights member Ken Anderson, he immediately exited the ring and was given ice by a trainer at ringside. The ice was applied to his lower back. Hardy also never attempted the Swanton Bomb finisher during the match and won with the Twist of Fate.

For what it’s worth, Hardy has been doing this for months now. After every match he’s in at TNA live events, Hardy is immediately given an ice bag and puts it on his lower back area.

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6 Responses to “Backstage Update – Jeff Hardy’s Back Injury”

  1. Steven kelly says:

    Yeah its not good that i think the dude needs a solid 3 to 6 months rest then he cn come bk fully fit a month just aint cutting it. Tna has the talent to fill the gap in his absence push magnus or morgan heck even bradley and his boomstick

  2. JChambers609 says:

    I like hardy, hope it isn't too serious.

  3. dabomcutie says:

    Jeff's been doing this for some time. I saw him almost 2 years ago at a house show and he did this. Maybe it's getting worse but he's been feeling something bad for awhile. Hopefully he get's it checked out.

  4. carlcarlson says:

    I have thought for a while that he might have sciatica.

  5. JoshuaTNA says:

    It may be Time for Hardy to take an Undertaker schedule, He's been in the industry for years and all those Swanton Bombs are starting to take a toll on his body. He's not the only one who should take a light schedule their are many others but TNA refuses to push their young guys so they keep relying on the older mostly WWE vets to push their product.

  6. Real Deal Heel says:

    Matt should send him some grapes.

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