Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 22, 2013
Backstage Update On Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn, Devon

Backstage Update On Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn, Devon

— Devon will appear at Ken’s Cards & Collectibles on 27 Mill St in Berlin Connecticut from 12 PM to 1:30 PM tomorrow. You can find details here.

— Dixie Carter’s heel promo on iMPACT! this week is said to be the starting point of TNA moving forward in a very different creative direction.

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14 Responses to “Backstage Update On Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn, Devon”

  1. Roid Master says:

    Her heel turn coincided well with the winding down of the Aces & 8's storyline.

  2. Nova_numb says:

    I think this is a sign of Hogan taking a walk the first of October and them going with Dixie as the on-camera owner of the company.

  3. godoftna says:

    One other thing to consider in all this is the return of Kurt Angle. Plans could be set to have AJ win the belt at B4G, and then go in to a feud with Angle serving as Dixie's "chosen champion". The matches between AJ and Kurt have been some of the best in TNA's history. And if not Angle, then certainly Roode and E.G.O.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I'm not so sure about Angle or Roode, I could more see her using Aries over anyone else.

    • HolsG says:

      AJ vs Kurt happened 4+ yrs a go – neither wrestler can cope with that any more and they need to make sure they don't overkill matches.
      AJ vs Austin is always looked forward to but if they fight a lot then they aren't going to be so special

    • UCEAD11 says:

      I'M THINKING since the focus has been so much on Magnus as she is so big on him he is going to be the one that goes against A J styles…..Notice his dialect lately. especially losing to AJ

  4. HolsG says:

    Hopefully, a lot is changing in TNA now which will hopefully work out for them, great company (thinking back to <2010).
    Just hoping they don't resign Hogan, not saying he doesn't do anything but it sure as hell doesn't warrant the highest pay – that $2 million a year could easily go into more talent, advertising or even keeping it on the road

  5. tsoutheast says:

    I'm going to wait and see how all this play out.

  6. annil8or4321 says:

    this could be really good or just fall flat, im betting on the former

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