Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 8, 2013
Backstage Update – Pay Issues With TNA Talents?

Backstage Update – Pay Issues With TNA Talents?

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Here are the latest updates on the recently reported pay issues with TNA talents.

* One source close to the company blamed the issue on slow movement from the Panda Energy side of things and that anyone complaining they were 6 weeks behind was “being ridiculous.” The source did note that there were real issues with delays that have now been resolved. The source noted “it wasn’t that big of a deal” and was a simple error on Panda Energy’s behalf.

* Panda Energy has billions of dollars and has no issues with money to support TNA. For those unaware, Panda Energy is worth much more than WWE. We’re talking billions of dollars (TNA/Panda) compared to millions of dollars (WWE).

* One wrestler did claim that he knew of wrestlers who had been 4 weeks behind as of last week.

* There are also reports that there have been issues with third party vendors getting paid.

* Over the last few weeks, there have been office departures from the company. Most were regular office workers, and not executives.

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24 Responses to “Backstage Update – Pay Issues With TNA Talents?”

  1. Tiffanydude says:


    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i would say all of them are still on tna's radar and talent they'd like to bring back if they could. but as it stands can they promise them weekly television for best part of a year? 52 weeks in a year. thats 52 impact wrestling shows and also 4 ppv shows. if they can then they do it. eg booby roode. tna know for the next year hes going to do at least 35/52 shows.

      they can do the same with their other top talent. they cant do it with any upcoming talent tho. cos they simply lack the amount of tv time to ensure that to talent.

      brooke hogan is a minor problem that tna need to get rid of tho in terms of what her tv role is and what she brings to the table. they were silly for bringing her in.

      • annil8or4321 says:

        brooke is not needed in tna, she has no draw

      • Tiffanydude says:

        Hm never really thought about like that and yes Brooke is a problem and so is Hulk, don't get wrong I love and respect the hell out of Hulk but if he won''t take a pay reduction or get rid of his daughter (hopefully both) TNA will be losing lots more money.

        • ariesstormjoe says:

          they need hulk on tv imo. unless they have a line of names for GM. hes been GM for a while now that needs freshening up but with only jarrett, bischoff available they have a lack of ppl to do that role.

          • Tiffanydude says:

            I miss Seeing Jarrett and Bishoff, wouldn't be cool if Jarrett was the last member of MEM lol

          • Bigmike885 says:

            why do they need a "gm"..its a relatively new "position" that wasn't around a decade ago…wrestling shows went on just fine before they came along..

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            The idea of "GM" serves no purpose besides a guy on TV who just talks… Lets face it, Hogan isn't that exciting to listen to… When every other word out of his mouth is "brother", it gets annoying really fast. Quite honestly I DVR impact, and simply fast forward through his segments.

          • jflegler says:

            Philly – I agree with you.

            The GM role is an easy way to throw together a storyline of "boss vs. employee". Since the McMahon/Austin feud, WWE has been using the angle and TNA followed suit.

            Honestly, and in my humble opinion, Bischoff was by far the most interesting GM that TNA had – his character had depth. While I understand that Hogan is great for business, I also see him as being a detriment with his involvement in EVERY storyline.

    • tnadude says:

      Uh… Tragedy?!? Seriously – TRAGEDY?!?

      None of them were ever ACTUALLY on TV!

      Come on man! Maybe you'll miss them (most of us wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for this site). But TRAGEDY!?!

      Come on man!

      • Tiffanydude says:

        First I said "Travesty" not "Tragedy" two different words, Second it's not the specific wrestlers that were released it's the amount of wrestlers that were released, I've never seen this amount of releases at one time and with OVW in shambles and TNA poor finances I think Travesty is a good word to describe this predicament.

        • jbcissom says:

          I gotta say, this happens in WWE every single year, so it really shouldn't be a biggie. Also, none of the talent were being used… so this is going to allow them to find work elsewhere and better their craft.

          You always have to remember, this is a business. According to other reports, TNA has let go of a bunch of staffers that work in the office in Nashville.

          • Bigmike885 says:

   does happen every year in WWE, but most of them are from FCW..and nobody knew who they were…

        • tnadude says:

          My apologies for using the wrong word. But it's not a travesty either. It's just TNA letting go of talent they weren't using and the vast, vast majority of fans don't care about.

          Now, if they released Aries, Roode, Hardy, Sting, Angle, Bully, & Gail Kim, well, that would be both a travesty and a tragedy…

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            The problem is, half the wrestlers you named aren't in their prime anymore… Angle and Hardy are great, but not as good as they once were. Sting has been pushing for retirement for years. TNA is putting all their time on talent that has been fading for years, they do need to look into future talents, but they let go of most of them. Sad part is they keep people that aren't of any use… For example: Jessie Godderz, Brooke Hogan, and King Mo. Quite honestly I would've taken Crimson, York, and Hendrix over those three any day of the week…

          • tnadude says:

            Agree with you to a point. Sting is certainly past his prime, but he's still a draw. Aries & Roode are in their prime, and Bully is as good as he's ever been.

            I also agree that they keep people of little use. Not sure I agree with you on the three names you mentioned though. Brooke Hogan's engagement (somehow) made front page news in every media outlet I frequent. That's something Hendrix will never do. And she requires very little TV time. Godderz & King Mo provide crossover appeal, and King Mo is supplemented by Spike and requires no TV time anyway. He's purely promotional at this point. Also, I think Godderz could be something some day in the future. He's just not there yet. I like his teaming with Robbie E (a guy who is dramatically under-used and under-valued).

            Now, that said, they do have a lot of guys that have no value. Chavo is a disaster, Doc & Knux have done nothing at all, Bischoff & Brisco don't draw either. Replacing any of those with Crimson & York would be an upgrade. I'd have put Gunner in Aces & 8s too. I'm sure there are more names I'm missing…

          • jflegler says:

            I agree with you – however, Jessie Godderz is being effectively used with Robbie E at the moment. Bro-Mans is somewhat clever and will serve well as a team that others will want to get their hands on.

  2. piro4351 says:

    hulk is veryannoying on tna and completely useless

  3. tsoutheast says:

    If this is the case than why IMPACT isn't live weekly and also why haven't they sign Bautista and Goldberg.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      Because Batista is in MMA and Goldberg didn't like WCW's or PG-13 WWE's style of television because of the constant sexual acts shown on TV which we disagreed with. In a interview he basically said that when the same little kids that cheered and watched him wrestle they also had to watch Women in tight clothes with bras n panties.

    • jflegler says:

      As big as the names you have mentioned are, WHY would you want to sign wrestlers in their late 40's? For the initial pop/heat?

      The only way I seeing that as being effective is if a few WWE viewers catch the news (doubt it, TNA marketing sucks) and tune in to witness these former stars; as a result witness some good wrestling from Aries, Roode, Styles, etc… and start watching frequently. With that logic, it should have worked when Angle came aboard.

  4. JoeWrestling says:

    It is common practice for corporations to delay vendor payments to increase their available cash. Large companies generally take 60 to 100 days to pay vendors because it increases the cash reserves which they take advantage of since the credit markets have been bad in recent years.

    They keep slandering TNA about paying their wrestlers, when I just heard these "journalists" the other day say most the payments their sources were referring to were supposedly office jobs, not the wrestlers. Although you wouldn't know that from these written reports.

    Regardless, cutting costs in not a sign of a company having problems, it actually improves the company's health. As evidenced by WWE cutting lower level and developmental talent every year, and WCW having a giant payroll did not help their company health.

  5. Rated_Maxx says:

    Maybe this article will stop the doom and gloom bs.

  6. Rated_Maxx says:

    People need to understand that tna has only one show and the wwe has multiple shows a week.

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