Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 17, 2013
Backstage Update – RVD’s New WWE Deal

Backstage Update – RVD’s New WWE Deal

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Rob Van Dam’s new WWE contract is a short-term deal. He will not be on the road fulltime, and instead will work a limited schedule while back with the company.

As noted last night here on the website, Rob Van Dam has been officially removed from the TNA website following the announcement that he will be returning to WWE.

As noted earlier here on, when asked about RVD signing with WWE, Hulk Hogan responded with the following…

“I have no idea what’s going on with RVD, that’s a Dixie and Bruce Prichard deal brother HH”

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  1. Cam says:

    Watch all the TNA marks start to bash RVD, they marked out when he came to TNA but now that he’s back with WWE, the WWE that for some strange reason they hate all of a sudden but grew up watching, the same WWE that they claim is for kids and isn’t wrestling but yet Raw and Smackdown produce more wrestling then impact on a weekly bases and if I recall correctly….Dixie Carter stated TNA was “famil friendly” and they bleep curse words on impact. But yet TNA fans will always hide the negatives about TNA but always bring up WWE’s negatives, and you cannot tell me Punk, Ziggler aren’t great wrestlers because If they were in TNA you would use that in your arguments. Saying they cannot keep up with TNA talent is ridiculous, the WWE style is the old story telling wrestling not the spot fest that is most TNA matches

    • ricky_No1 says:

      Oooooooohhhhhh your angry

    • godoftna says:

      1st off, let me say that I, a TNA fan, was never really high on RVD coming to TNA, and became even less interested in him when it became overly apparent that he was the same old "No Job Rob" of old. Secondly, us "TNA Fans" generally hate the WWE because we got sick and tired of the same old shit they were producing week in and week out. It's the same reasons why many of us chose WCW over the WWF, even into it's dying days. It may not have been a better product, but it was far better to us fans than what Vince spawned on a weekly basis. I'm not afraid to point out the negatives of TNA. Ask just about any of the other people on this site as many of my opinions are deemed rather unpopular, or look them up on your own. We chose TNA as our brand, much like people choose sports teams, because we feel they are better. May not always be true, but oh well.

      Oh, and to say that the WWE is the "old story telling wrestling" is a joke in and of itself. It's drama tv at it's best. Are there solid workers in the WWF? Absolutely, but their work will always be over shadowed by the drama thats spawned every monday and thursday night. The "old story telling wrestling" was when 2 or more guys went at it in the ring and the story played out in front of the fans eyes in the arena. Not with 200 backstage segments revolving around who's sleeping with who.

    • Roid Master says:

      RVD was a great pickup for TNA, at the time. However, he wasn't used correctly in TNA and ended up coming across as kind of boring. I would have loved to have seen him paired with a charasmatic manager type, like ECW did by pairing him with Bill Alfonzo.

    • pepsilover2008 says:

      When he came to TNA yes, but we were saying he was boring far before he returned to wwe. So please try harder to troll

    • Sturk says:

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You pay little attention my friend. TNA fans were happy ORIGINALLY but grew tired of RVD over the years as he is a shell of his former self. WWE fans will be happy for a short while also because its a fresh environment but they will grow tired of him as well.

    • Rated_Maxx says:

      Same goes for the wwe marks, yall complained about tna having him but love that wwe have him.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      and yet all those that called rvd a washed up oldie and wwe reject for going to tna will say what now he's back in wwe?

      first of on raw and sd. can you tell me how much tv raw and sd are allowed weekly? 3 hours 15 (including adverts) for raw and 2 hours for smackdown (again including adverts) is the correct answer. raw is the longer show but the majority of the time those that show on raw will show on sd (its only the top guys that are regular for sd lesnar, punk, cena, taker, hhh) so of course they will have more wrestling than a 2 hour (including adverts) impact wrestling show. cos 1 is 1 hour longer anyway. and the majority of the promos are done on raw which means less promo time on sd).

      secondly as for dixie's comment on tna being family friendly and bleeping curse words. you realise it is up to spike tv what gets bleeped not tna. with wwe it may not be usa network but 1 of their sponsors instead.

      for punk, ziggler, bryan, ambrose, rollins, cesaro, all very talented wrestlers. but whos the top guy? wwe dont have glass ceiling for anyone to break they have a cement ceiling with a couple thousand cars on top with cena on top in his super captain america man suit standing proudly. their wrestlers for the most part are restricted cos cena is their guy. hows kassius ohno doing? oh hes in NXT ok then. hows pac doing? nxt too huh. el generico? oh. xaiver woods? oops. they are talents that should be on tv. their matches pre their wwe career are much better (search youtube they are findable there).

      as for rvd i personally think he can work better than a good 60% of talents around today. in wwe alone miz, barrett, gabriel, darren young, mcintrye, sheamus, slater. its an endless list. but he is old and something tna got criticised for when they signed him. will the same ppl criticise wwe the same? no cos they're biased and only want wwe to do well. if all other wrestling companies failed including tna, roh, chikara, cmll, aaa, njpw, noah.. they would be ecstatic not that they could name half of those. as tna fan i consider rvd an able worker but if they kept him he would be in the way of other talents. as a wwe viewer (note viewer not fan. i watch for a limited number of talents eg punk, ambrose, bryan) rvd has a lot to offer providing he puts over younger talent. theres at least 10 guys he can work with.

      • Whatever says:

        Yeah but the thing is any a wrestler has jumped ship from wwe to tna and then back to wwe tna fan boys always say “I hope he has fun being a jobber to so and so” but yet hope he puts over younger talent. This crap is said time and time again with everyone who went back to the wwe from tna.

        • ariesstormjoe says:

          thats from a specific group of fans maybe that are likely fed up with wwe's product. as i see it wwe are borrowing time with who they are getting back. rock, lesnar, eventually i could see them bring angle back after his deal is over.

          as RVD has signed a short term deal with wwe he seems to be keeping his options open to see what wwe can/will offer him. im sure he'll be after a top place in the company. but does make me wonder would wwe have re-signed him had tyson kidd been fit, bourne is fit but not on tv atm, sin cara so far hasnt worked out. gabriel not a regular on raw or sd. i say them names cos they are guys they have used for high spots in the past kofi is another. at the very worse for wwe rvd's deal stays short term they get a good buyrate for mitb, get some increased ratings for what 4 weeks and afterwards rvd goes on his merry way. i think wwe signing rvd shows a lack of faith in younger talents and their ability to get them over. time will tell if that view is valid. such as the talents i named above from NXT.

          a lot of fans always say "oh hes signed for tna now the wwe reject". when an ex wwe talent signs for tna. which i find absolutely ridiculous. if your a talent in wwe and you dont like your position you'll either ask for your release or your wait for your release. from wwe, tna, roh, aaa, cmll, njpw and noah i think many talents would only have 2 companies on their radar simply for their own personal preferences such as maybe they want to be in america. wwe for many (not all) is the goal but then leave for 1 of a number of various reasons like burnout (dont see many guys stick with wwe for 5+ with their schedule other than their top guys who can get breaks as they wish).

    • JoeWrestling says:

      This is a joke post right?

      "for some strange reason they hate all of a sudden but grew up watching"

      How is someone supposed to like TNA more than WWF when TNA didn't start until 2002? This is like saying how you going to say you hate the corded rotary phone you grew up with and now you "suddenly" love the iPhone better. Madness. Apparently we are just pretending to like TNA. That's odd. I didn't even go to the last WWE PPV in the town I live, cause it's crap. Yet I'll gladly drive 400 miles to TNA. Get it? And no, a card full of NXT talent and count out / DQ matches doesn't do it for me. You sit through that. You can have your Mcgillicutty main event you've been drooling over, enjoy. It's like NXT and a place where ROH wrestlers go to retire.

    • lethalgunstyles says:

      most the TNA 'marks' never liked RVD in TNA

  2. Whatever says:

    It’s already gotten a ton of attention, especially on this site, so RVD and wwe did their job to spread the word about his return. And it’s more attention than he ever got when he first signed with tna.

    • Sturk says:

      well NO DUH….. WWE is a bigger entity than TNA. You're stating the obvious.

      • Whatever says:

        This site has spread the word a lot more. This was the first place I heard that RVD was returning to wwe. Not any other place including wwe and that’s cause I don’t go on their web page . Why does this site feel the need to help out wwe with advertising. They shouldn’t but I bet it’s cause this is a site that is secretly working for VKM and like hogan is trying to destroy TNA. Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. jbcissom says:

    First off, couldn't agree more with godoftna.

    Second… this site posts an article, that is a summation of three previous articles that were posted today…. yet I can't find an article here, but I've found on WWE sites, of Eric Young's radio interview with Busted Open!

  4. Chris Owens says:


    • Whatever says:

      This isn’t fuck tard. And just because people come to this site and make it seem like they (me included) hate tna because they bash it well you are mostly correct. It’s people’s opinion on what they think about the company so quit getting your panties in a bunch. I can’t speak for the others who criticize on here but it’s the tna fan boys on this site who talk like tna is the greatest thing in the world then I come to find out that their product just plain sucks.

      But the real reason I come here to talk smack about your company you love so much is to piss people like you off and also cause I can and will continue to say what I want. If you don’t like it find another site to visit. And doesn’t need you visiting their web page they do just fine without you on it.

  5. mrthefanboy says:

    Happy for Rob WWE needs him more than TNA does.

  6. Whatsup121 says:

    RVD has a short term deal , cause they

    Have a long term drug test awaiting ,

    Which he probably will fail so they elected

    To do a short term deal to avoid having

    To suspend him

  7. THISISASHOOT247 says:

    I'm calling it right now! RVD & CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar & Curtis Axel

  8. DJBIGCG says:

    I love how this tna site talks about wwe so much. If I ever want to hear anything new about wwe, there is no need to go to wwe sites, just go to this one

  9. JoeWrestling says:

    WWE hires another old TNA castoff and the wrestling "media" has permission to worship him.. now.

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