Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 3, 2013
Backstage Update – Several Pay Issues Within TNA

Backstage Update – Several Pay Issues Within TNA

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Several wrestlers in TNA have claimed that the company was about a month behind on payroll last month and may still be late in some cases.

One source said it was bad enough that a former TNA champion was telling friends that the company was six weeks behind on his pay. Others declined to reveal how much back pay they were owed.

Someone in the office has said that there have been lay pay issues in the past, due to someone in the TNA office falling behind and it wasn’t that big of a deal. That could be the case here.

ORIGINAL: It has been reported that TNA’s relationship with OVW as a training center is “in shambles” because of various problems, including former head trainer Rip Rodgers’ problems about money.

Meanwhile, many in the company are questioning TNA’s direction and if they know what they’re doing or want to do. Sources say Al Snow, who is a road agent, has been making promises to wrestlers he can’t keep because he doesn’t have the power he acts like he has.

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39 Responses to “Backstage Update – Several Pay Issues Within TNA”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    They need to just rent a 3000 person arena like wwe used to do and just use that as their main arena, it would save them a bunch of money in the short term and long term until they are bigger

    • nicholal79 says:

      TNA will probably stay the course until Dixie's parents pull TNA's funding!

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        To be fair to TNA they have changed their minds before when it comes to loosing money an example would be the Monday night wars . I think Dixie is smart enough to realize the financial part, she's just not that good when it comes to wrestling which is why she has all these people to help her out.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      they had that..for was called the impact zone..and you all complained that they needed to go live and on the road…

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        That wasn't a stadium it was a soundstage. Not to mention a lot of the people there weren't paying so they didn't have to care and the location was horrible who would drive to the other side of the country to watch impact. Somewhere in the south and central would allow a lot of people who are interested get there easier.

  2. Sturk says:

    hahaahhahah the rumor mill is funny & ppl fall for it lol

  3. OldManEaston says:

    It is never a good sign for a company to be behind in it's obligations, or bouncing checks like TNA did with it's vendors a couple of years ago. There has been rumors for a long time of TNA's financial troubles, but nobody ever has any legit confirmation because TNA closely guards it's financial secrets like a Rottweiler. It really is strange at times how TNA claims to be profitable though. They must have some kind of magic and mysterious revenue stream that doesn't apply to every other wrestling company on the planet. When you aren't selling ppvs, aren't doing that well in attendance and merchandise, and aren't a privately traded company like WWE, where is the revenue coming from? They may not even officially be able to say TV anymore after their move to the road and it's half million to million dollar per episode average cost to produce a an episode of television. It often at times sounds like the fuzzy math is the old Paul Heyman method, especially if they are stiffing their talent.

    Say what you will about WCW, even in it's dying days and having lost more than 50 million dollars in a years time, WCW wrestlers have confirmed that they were paid like clockwork. That includes the guys who didn't have the sweet deals with WCW's parent company and instead had to go through the chaotic mess that was WCW offices toward the end. The were only some discrepancies after the sale, in relation to royalties, but that is to be expected. While it was in operation nobody was getting stiffed.

    • tnadude says:

      Wrestlers are independent contractors. Contractors are almost never paid on time. A month behind is actually reasonable, believe it or not.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      the WCW guys where paid by time warner..all of them where..some didn't have gaurenteed contract sure, but they were all TW employees…thus Time warner paid them

  4. Peckar says:

    A good defense is offense. Time to start attacking WWE's product IMO. There are many avenues to attack. If they do this they may well get mentioned on WWE programming. Congratulating Stephanie doesn't work Dixie, grow some balls girl. Let some wrestlers like Bully and Aries say what they want. What's that famous line from Bischoff. Controversy creates cash. There is nothing controversial about the product at the moment. If you poke a dog long enough, eventually it will bite.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      here's the problem with that..WWE doesn't see TNA as a all..sure they watch it, they steal ideas from it, and they recruit from them from time to time, but they do not see them as a they don't all..look what happened when WCW took over..Vince stopped listening to himself, let others take control, let the wrestlers be themselves (Austin, Rock, foley ect) and reached heights that may never be seen again…and they took down WCW…what would happen if TNA became a threat..i don't think vince would let them get into the position that WCW got to…he

      • Peckar says:

        Yes but the product WWE are throwing out there now, there is plenty of ammo to shoot them down. Walking in the shadows of WWE isn't going to get the job done. It doesn't really matter what Vine WOULD do, because TNA haven't got close to a position of challenging. Getting into that position is what is important.

  5. tna caput mundi says:

    like i said in the past i wouldnt go on the road so frequently i would only go once a month and make new york the new house for TNA

    • Bigmike885 says:

      why would you pick new York?..thats WWE bout you try Chicago..Atlanta..or Dallas..all have been hotbeds in the past…

      • Peckar says:

        because he is young probably lol.

        • tnarulzdude says:

          @pecker i'm on my 30's .next time just read on my info and you wouldnt waste words talking about my age.
          probably i'm older than you,and there's nothing to "lol" about

          i watched wcw in the 90's i know the scene and territory situations,but id like to see a cost cutting and a new house for tna ,with more live events less travel and a big noisy attendance

          • Peckar says:

            then just uneducated then. WWE own NY.

          • tnarulzdude says:

            then you just DONT GET IT. and you are a disrespectful kid.
            i repeat i said i know very well the territorial wrestling situation,you gotta to realize that TNA is not WCW ,
            TNA' s got his audience before of bischoff and hogan and tna is being appreciated in some territories that usually are considered wwe 's land.

            im not talking about going on msg and im not talking to go there when raw is in town,im just saying go there or in philly more often;
            crowds when i was there (philly) and for what that's been reported to me for some house shows in ny in the past were very noisy.

            post scriptum
            just an example :
            even if it was a fluke with impact live on monday i remember very well big hogan signs on nyc,then just saying someone's else thought that maybe ny could be used more often with the association Hogan and TNA .

            no need to reply.
            just respect different opinions even if from your point of view are absurd

          • Peckar says:

            I wish I was a kid. Where I am from respect is earned, not given. Your comments don't demand respect. My POV was yours is wrong. I am free to say so. If you don't like it, go cry a river somewhere else. Like children do.

          • tna caput mundi says:

            children do not respect different POVs .

            "Your comments don't demand respect"

            THAT'S CHILDISH

            because i already said i'd like to see more tna impact in philly or in ny at the Hammerstein Ballroom i'm not talking about msg or when raw is in town that's my point of view and adults respect different opinions.

            end of the story.
            and i already said: no need to reply

            i have no time to waste with you punk.
            in real life with these type of attitude you would pay consequences .

            now go to celebrate your pride to be a great cyber tough kid.
            be careful you got to hide very well behind your desktop. you are so brave

          • Peckar says:

            You are a hypocrite. With the product TNA put out what would be the point of going to the hometown of hardcore? My attitude is what makes me, me. Just like you like to put yourself on a petal stool and look down upon other people makes you, you. I am an assehole, and don't pretend to be anything but. Just like you are a dork and don't pretend to be anything but. Have a nice day 🙂

          • tna caput mundi says:

            I will not participate in this insultfest,because that's not necessary, you define yourself with a perfect word;
            but i'd like to remind you that's a only discussion, not a research of catchphrases or ppv titles like you are doing with "respect is earned "and mr anderson definition of himself .Where i live you can be defined like "a fijo de na troiarottanculo" it's kinda funny dont worry.

            from now on let's stop this "great "cyber feud

            btw "With the product TNA put out what would be the point of going to the hometown of hardcore? "

            because Bischoff has always had a ton of respect for the highflying action and for example a ppv like destination x at the Hammerstein Ballroom could have satisfied a lot of people in that place. (maybe with the return of the elevation x or with a kotm match)

            Then with a great product ,very noisy from there ,with a solid response in the ratings,then this is the situation that could make Dixie conscious to orient the product more on the x division, again.

            I'm sure the choice of bringing more often hardcore and most of all high flying action with live shows from these places could really help the product .
            Have a nice day you too.
            at the end of the day you are a funny" fijo de namignotta" . just ask to bully ray or taz 🙂

          • Peckar says:

            like I said, hypocrite. If you call me names in another language that is not insulting people? Means nothing to me cause I don't understand it, but I can picture you slapping your leg having a good laugh about it. Like I said, you are a dork, I am an assehole. We don't need to fight it. Just embrace it. You are learning 😉

          • tna caput mundi says:

            I wasnt insulting you ,but you are a F.U..C ignorant , and you keep on insulting me ,

            so F.U C.K. YOU !

            and im not slapping my leg but i'd really like to break your
            f face,even if you are a stupid childish troll .and im feeding you.

            your sister is a FU .C.King S L . UT and hypocrite is a term to describe you and your FU .C.King uncle
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            you are a FU child,you keep on insulting people saying that im hypocrite when you are hiding behind a fu.c.king desktop and you think you are so tough, F.UC.K you kid! F .U C.K. you little human being!

            you are the only hypocrite

            i bring topics

            and you keep on saying the sameold shit



            PEZZO DE MERDA

            as .shole it doesnt suit with your stupidness and with you lack of rationality.

            piece of shit is the perfect word to describe your dumbness

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            you will write for yourself and noone wiill going to reply you..F U K YOU

            you keep on replying me then F U K you in advance again ! and over and over again! i will not waste my ****ing time with your stupid childish answers without topics,rationality and respect for other people's opinions.


          • Peckar says:

            Whoa whoa whoa. Relax dude, you are going to burst a blood vessel in your unused penis. You don't bring topics, you dribble shit. If someone disagrees with your POV you cry wolf on everyone. You have called me many names, none of which seem to be in a fun manner, and all I called you was a dork which you have undoubtedly lived up to, and then some. I don't troll, I am just a regular visitor to this website and a TNA fan long before you were picking out which John Cena undies to wear. You say I am childish and a keyboard warrior, yet you are the one threatening to bash my face in lol. Hypocrite, You you can't beat me with words so you rant like a sixteen yr old teenager on her rags. What a heroe, your mum will be proud.

      • tnarulzdude says:

        someone could say it's hulk hogan land btw i get your point but in tna house shows in new york and philly the attendance has always been pretty hot(ive been in philly in 06 ).i'm not talking about big arenas i'm talking about a small place but really noisy

        • Bigmike885 says:

          That't my point though. They sold very very well in Dallas. Go there. Make it your ownSent from my iPhone

          • tnarulzdude says:

            we are both agree that tna just would have changed his house from orlando to another place more noisy.
            maybe just for 6 months then just go to another house.
            i know you re thinking about fidelization's aspect but habit makes people less noisy.

            and in my humble opinion TNA should do live shows 3 weeks monthly then just one recorded episode on tour


    • tnadude says:

      They've been on the road for just a few months. It takes time. They'd e foolish if their business plan called for less than a year.

      New York as a home would be insane. That was (is) Vince's territory. He'd put on shows opposite TNA and destroy them there. Terrible idea.

      Dallas as a home would be intriguing. They have a lot of history, but went silent after the Von Erich tragedies. Baltimore is home to ROH and combined with Philly could be interesting. Atlanta would be another nice home.

      But let's save this conversation for a year from now. TNA just needs to stay the course for now.

      • tnarulzdude says:

        @tnadude i expressed my opinion based on tna house shows on philly and based on some reports of my friends on ny house shows in the past

        my main goal was to make people conscious about the fact TNA should not only focus to catch old WCW territories but just focus on live shows on a new noisy house.

        and if crowds are like in my experience in philly TNA should remember where his house shows even in the past went wild

  6. hangers says:

    Ever since the move to bring on Hogan & Bischoff and change the strategic direction of the brand things have gone downhill, in my opinion…

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      I wouldn't blame them. Some good things came while they were here. Obviously I'm not going to say what TNA should be doing for success (because like everyone else, my opinion would solely be based on my fan boy opinion) but the two things which I can't stand about this company are…

      1) No clue how to build wrestlers into major stars

      2) Always looking for a quick fix storyline (it seems many storylines don't last because improved ratings aren't seen right away)

      • hangers says:

        I don't blame them, I blame Dixie as the buck stops with her. TNA had decent momentum back when Foley was there, the KO's were tearing it up, the original MEM were doing there thing and the ratings were constantly higher than they are now. Hey, sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't and yes there have been some improvements but what TNA had previously was a much different, and better, product than WWE in terms of 'pure' wrestling but seems that the creative direction since Dixie made the changes was to battle with WWE, take on WWE in the ratings, Monday nite wars etc rather than just improving on what was already there. Hogan did say he was going to take TNA to the next level when he came on board and that hasn't and won't happen.
        Also, I think the cuts which have happened recently are round the wrong way, better off cutting the some of the old guard and building up the new rather than getting rid of the up and comers whilst hanging on to the old which actually reminds me of WCW in many ways…

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