Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 28, 2012
Backstage Update – The Ric Flair-WWE-TNA Deal

Backstage Update – The Ric Flair-WWE-TNA Deal


According to sources, the deal between WWE and TNA for Ric Flair to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was finalized Tuesday night. That is the reason the press release from both sides was issued yesterday.

The issue between WWE and TNA was not Flair attending but Flair, a contracted TNA talent, appearing on WWE’s WrestleMania pay-per-view, Hall of Fame highlights on WWE TV and the DVD release.

No word yet on what the negotiations were but there will be no TNA representatives or officials at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

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12 Responses to “Backstage Update – The Ric Flair-WWE-TNA Deal”

  1. JeffandJoker says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I would think that it would show some class if Dixie Carter went to the induction. She is his boss, and should be there to honor Ric Flair and everything he has done for wrestling.

    Its not about who he works for, Its about showing him respect for everything he has done in wrestling. If Dixie doesn't want to go, She should have someone there from TNA to show support for Flair.


    • Peckar says:

      WWE's hall of fame is only for that company. No way in hell should she support WWE, that is conceding they are better. It would be different if it was a HOF for just wrestlers. But as you and I know that is not the case. Unless Drew Carey made some appearances as a young man I missed. Expect to see The Muppets at an upcoming HOF Ceremony.

      • JeffandJoker says:

        Hey Peckar,

        I think the biggest problem is, WWE is the only company that does have a Hall Of Fame.

        Her going to show support for Ric Flair isn't conceding, It would be showing class. Ric Flair works for her now, but another company showing him the respect he earned.

        If TNA has such a problem with all of this, Why don't they spend some money and make a Hall Of Fame for wrestling???

    • Triple f says:

      TNA owes Ric Flair the same respect that he shows them- which is NONE!

    • Triple f says:

      Sorry, you’re wrong! It’s ALL about who he’s working for and CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to!

  2. Rent_A_Geek says:

    Personally, I would be happy just to see a blurb on the bottom of the screen whenever Flair is in camera: "Ric Flair appears courtesy of Impact Wrestling". Simple, direct, to the point.

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