Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 4, 2013
Backstage Update – TNA’s Recent Pay Issues

Backstage Update – TNA’s Recent Pay Issues

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Regarding the TNA pay issues, it is reportedly not just talent getting paid late but office staff too.

A source says that it would “surprise you greatly” to learn who has been paid late.

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22 Responses to “Backstage Update – TNA’s Recent Pay Issues”

  1. piro4351 says:


  2. RavenNevermore says:

    Dirt sheets. Lmfao is this the examiner?

  3. whatever says:

    Nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye

  4. Mr. Excitement says:

    I hope they make all the necessary cuts to survive.
    People can complain some wrestlers/staff losing jobs but I'd rather have the company survive.

    • Josh says:

      If they’re having money issues they should get rid of rampage Jackson and forget about king mo

      • Cezar_TheScribe says:

        And, Hogan, Bischoff, "Brother Love"…..

        That would mean Dixie had to think. These people are leeches on TNA and doing nothing but holding the company back.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Problem is, they bring in these people who are huge sink holes in the company, like Hogan (who brings nothing to the table at this point). Instead of building up younger talent off the Indy circuit (cheaper talent too), they choose older vets who ask for a significantly larger amount of money. You couple the fact that they went on the road when being financially unstable to begin with, you have a bad mixture.

  5. TheBringer92 says:

    is the "…" sarcasm?

  6. incognitowolfe says:

    and i thought ppl wouldnt get fired on july 4th…

  7. nicholal79 says:

    This could be why Sting is sending feelers to WWE about jumping to WWE!

  8. TNA_fan says:

    Ok so TNA could sign Rampage, but they had to let some other wrestlers go because of budget?? And IMO TNA doesn't need Brook, the Knockouts division doesn't have to talents, sothey don't really need Brook..

  9. JoeWrestling says:

    Wrestling Observer freely hates on TNA. Source = Take my word. It would surprise you who publicly would run down someones business record with no proof given. This is usually known as slander or libel.

    These internet journalists are ignorant toward TNA anyway. They complain constantly that Aries winning the title as suicide is illogical since you can't just dress up as someone and win their match because of the contract. The only problem is they don't think about something for two second, just want to hate. The whole point is he is a unknown masked person. So Aries dresses up as Suicide then signs the contract, they don't know who is under the mask. He wins the title, then when TJ wakes up and sees someone has won with his gimmick he goes to Hogan and says he is suicide and he's been jacked. So Hogan realizes an unknown person has won the title, so he needs to know who it is. But by the nature of it, the match was signed and sanctioned, the ref rang the bell with the competitors in the ring as a title match, happens all the time on the fly anyway. This is why Hogan asked the ref, did you know it wasn't suicide because it's the refs decision ultimately that stands on these matches. But these "Internet Journalists" act as if Hogan is supposed to do something and reverse everything. If that were the standard, wouldn't every single title win where a person clearly cheated be reverse by the GM? But it's not, because the refs decision is supposed to be final. You can't have it both ways. The whole point of wrestling is for the heels to bend or exploit loopholes in the rules in ways they were not intended, so they get heat. You can't just blame the company every time some heel does something to cheat, it's inane.

  10. RavenNevermore says:

    People believe this makes me laugh. Suckers! Tna is very stable. They do what wwe does. Release extra talent they have no use for. Its not like they released big names. People who think TNA are doomed are complete tools.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      not saying I believe this report..but i'd be willing to take the WO's report (because they might know someone in TNA) over yours..who knows…nothing

    • whatever says:

      If they are stable then why are office workers also complaining of not be paid on time. I bet you would see differently if you were working at a job saying sorry we can’t pay you right now money is a little tight.

  11. monsters are real says:

    I hate fan boys like joewrestling lol…

  12. DJBIGCG says:

    I don't know if any of this info is true, but if it is, this can be tna on the verge of folding before we know it

  13. IceStylez says:

    Ok so, from Wrestlingnewsworld"
    "The person with direct knowledge of the situation told Alex the company has “never” been six weeks late on payment. There was one particular incident described to Alex where a paycheck was delayed by four days when Panda Energy’s accountant was on vacation. We’re told these small occurrences are rare and not a big story."

  14. Cam says:

    When wrestlers who have either left or been released come out and discussed the pay issues in TNA, even Samoa Joe who is still with the company, why would the website need to lie? When it’s a TNAWrestlingNews website? Y’all marks make no sense as soon as some truth about TNA comes out you want to get on the defense but if some site said something about wwe it would have to be true? Lmao

  15. tnadude says:

    Kind of confused as to why the name wasn't mentioned. Unless it's the source. One would also expect some titles to be mentioned. So the report seems sketchy. That said, office employees are ALWAYS paid on time. So if true – there are BIG problems.

    Of course, if true – office employees will also walk. So we should know the truth within a month or so one watly or another.

  16. Real Deal Heel says:

    As long as Ric Flair got paid…lol.

  17. IHNSAIN says:

    A source says that it would “surprise you greatly” to learn who has been paid late. hopefully that means like hogan sting kurt the ones who alredy have gd money i mean dnt think they mind a late payment most other talent are barley able to survive with he wage they get

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