Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 22, 2013
Big TNA iMPACT! Next Week + Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn

Big TNA iMPACT! Next Week + Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn

— TNA has been using the #ASKDIXIE hashtag in Dixie Carter’s posts (which fans used to harass and insult her) and turned it around so she can use it to be obnoxious in her heel turn.

— Here are the matches for this Thursday’s live iMPACT! Wrestling from Little Rock, Arkansas:

*X-Division champ Manik vs. Chris Sabin.

*Eric Young & TNA Knockouts champ ODB & Joseph Park vs. Robbie E & Jessie Godderz & a mystery Knockout.

*The fallout of the AJ Styles-Dixie Carter segment, including Hulk Hogan’s reaction.

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33 Responses to “Big TNA iMPACT! Next Week + Dixie Carter’s Heel Turn”

  1. Euphoria says:

    Good for her! What makes this heel turn make sense is thst fans did attack her online over and over. Do in essence the fans madecit happen. Which is gre as t!

  2. Euphoria says:

    Made it

  3. Real Deal Heel says:

    Yeah..that's good shit. I'm glad for one that she has the gall to go heel. I didn't see that in her, but never underestimate people. I'm sure she could be a good heel TV bitch with all the heat on her. Good TV.

  4. hangers says:

    The problem with the heel turn and previously A&8's, Brookes Wedding, AJ's baby etc etc is that theyre not remotely believable, especially when things are 'played out' on twitter. I like the heel turn but Dixies gotta make us believe…

    • jbcissom says:

      I like it for two reasons…
      1. More than likely, this means Hogan is on his way out.
      2. Based on reports, we're about to get a heavy dose of the TNA originals.

      • oh0K says:

        Why is it being called a heel turn by so many?? I see it as Dixie, the tv personality, taking control…. they let AJ speak is mind for weeks now,,,,, before she said anything.

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          … It's considered a heel turn because she got booed mercilessly by the fans, that's what a heel aims to get. If you're a heel and you're not hated by the fans and booed then you're not doing it right.

  5. TheFurnitureom says:

    my show, my ring. Awesome.

    • tna4life says:

      And when she had the lights turnef out that was cool. I like this new Dixie so far

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I think the lights being turned off was a great way to end it, doing that she not only came across as a heel, but upset the fans at the same time.

      • OldManEaston says:

        The only problems I have with Dixie being heel are that one: The corrupt boss angle has been totally overdone. I mean literally for the last 17 consecutive years we have had a heel boss in place in one of the major wrestling companies with very little respite. It is so old and used up now, that only the absolute best can even pull it off with any real heat whatsoever. Not the "oh, we're supposed to boo now" heat that most of them get.

        Two: she's simply not a very good onscreen character. She's certainly no Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, Triple H, Eric Bischoff, or lets be honest, even a Stephanie McMahon. Definitely not Stephanie in the prime of her daddy's little girl gimmick. Dixie always come across as less than genuine and flat when she tries to play an onscreen role.

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          I don't know what you've been watching but what she did on Impact came across as completely arrogant. No matter what story you look at, it's been done is wrestling in some form. The thing is at least she looked believable to me, and as long as she continues to play things out properly she could be a big story. Unfortunately a continual problem for TNA is the fact that they don't have any real person who's the face of the company. With AJ going against Bully at B4G, they're going to put the title on AJ and put him over against Dixie.

          • OldManEaston says:

            What do I mean? She seems to almost stammer and shake when she delivers a promo. You can almost hear the nervousness in her voice, whether it is a face or a heel promo. It comes off more like she is reciting lines for a middle school play than portraying an inner character. Consequently, the emotion is really just not there like it needs to be. I don't feel it, it seems forced and not genuine.

            I'm sure like anything that Dixie Carter does, a lot of it probably boils down to experience. Lack thereof may be a better term, but I don't see the same learning curve with her like what we saw with Stephanie McMahon or Vickie Guerrero, who went from the same quiet non descriptive persona's, to absolutely wretched, to two of the better female heels in wrestling in a fairly short amount of time. It is not Dixie's first dance either, she's had numerous times on camera now whether it is with Sting, Hogan, the whole Claire Lynch debacle or now with her new angle with AJ, but her emotive level really hasn't seemed to rise a bit from what I can tell.

            Stephanie McMahon came off like a real heartless b*tch in her Dusty Rhodes segment Whether Yankee, Southern or Martian. It actually made me hate her again, because I could feel the hate for the Rhode's family which she was trying to portray, and may even have a little kernel of truth to. It was the Stephanie McMahon that had been missing for a very long time. With Dixie, it simply feels like a role. I don't YET!! feel her hate for AJ.

        • jbcissom says:

          Philly is right. And I'm kind of taken aback by your statement towards Dixie, OME. Stephanie was typical Yankee b*tch. Dixie is doing it Southern b*tch style, which is almost of that of a scorned woman…. if you're from the south and you've dealt with southern, rich women, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

  6. kaecyus says:

    Just sounds like a higher pitched version of Paul Levesque

  7. nate says:

    I think that it is good the Dixie is finally doing this. TNA is going in the same footsteps is WWE is far is the corporate bad guy roll in this case bad girl role. I think this is a good way to introduce a new storyline well winding down the Aces and eights storyline I hope it works sounds like a good idea so far

  8. TheMiwyun says:

    who the heel is that little pounk tim perkins? goldberg would apply a spear rupturing his internal organs. and then (refusing to follow the script) would do the jackhammer violently obliterating him

  9. godoftna says:

    Who wants to bet that the "mystery KO" will be Velvet Sky? With Sabin going heel, she'll be quick to follow. I'm hoping for Sabin to win the X championship, and then face off against Jeff Hardy at B4G. No disrespect to Sabin, but his "run" as TNA World champion never should have happened. I get that TNA wanted to reward him a bit, but it did little in the overall scheme of things and will hardly go down as being memorable. Plus, I just couldn't believe in him as being World title worthy. Had TNA built him up a bit more foloowing his return, then maybe, but otherwise it was a poor rush job.

    • jbcissom says:

      It's almost been confirmed to be Tappa. My money is on Velvet going heel at BFG either at the end of the match or after Sabin's match, whomever he's facing. Basically, if he's facing Manik, she helps him win back the X div belt. If he's facing Hardy, he's cowering under Hardy, and Velvet walks up behind him and low-blows him… something of that nature.

  10. ToledoDavid says:

    Velvet hasn't been a heel since the Beautiful People…so I can see her turning…Sabin does the pity party type better than a face, anyway, so his heel turn should work for him.

  11. Luchador says:

    I hope the mystery Knockout is a new Knockout

  12. chris says:

    Good news is I think with Hogan on his way out and tna bout to stop touring I think they will be able to keep aj and bring more talent in ans the fact they are making fun of stuff such as the MMA guys and how its changed so much means they are listening to feedback and Jeff Jarrett has been back so I see a Jarrett taking his company angle coming and maybe a return of the 6 sided ring!

  13. steve says:

    Obviously no one has seen older velvet as talia madison…HEEL OR HER WITH RAYNE AND VON ERICH….HEEL

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