Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 9, 2017
Bischoff Doesn’t Think Kaufman Should Go Into WWE HOF

Bischoff Doesn’t Think Kaufman Should Go Into WWE HOF

In the latest edition of his Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, Eric Bischoff revealed that he doesn’t think Andy Kaufman should go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here are highlights:

On who belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame: “I do. To me the WWE Hall of Fame should be about wrestlers. It should be about the men and women who learn the craft. Who sacrifice so much. Who took the incredible journey and faced amazing odds of making it to the big time and then went on to become huge successes. I think that should be a very select family and group of people. I don’t think periphery characters, including celebrities no matter how big they are, should necessarily share that same zip code. That’s just my personal take.”

On co-host Nick Hausman’s belief that Andy Kaufman should go in: “I disagree with you. I disagree. I think it was a great moment. I don’t disagree with that. It certainly did a lot for Jerry Lawler. Clearly, that’s obvious. I just stick to my guns. Andy Kaufman didn’t learn how to wrestle. He didn’t commit. He didn’t take that one-in-a-million chance to be a WWE Superstar or a Superstar in any organization. He was a funny guy. Unique guy. Certainly brought a high profile to the world but I just don’t think he’s WWE Hall of Fame material. Sorry Andy!”

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