Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 13, 2017
Bischoff: ‘El Patron Should Be Stripped Of GFW Title!’

Bischoff: ‘El Patron Should Be Stripped Of GFW Title!’

Eric Bischoff thinks that GFW should strip Alberto El Patron of the GFW Championship and suspend him without pay. Bischoff discussed the situation in his latest Bischoff on Wrestling Podcast and addressed the fact that GFW has suspended the champion but didn’t clarify whether it was with or without pay.

“That would have been the first question I would have asked earlier today if I had been on that conference call,” Bischoff said. “Secondly, I applaud TNA-Anthem-Impact-Global Force if they indeed suspended him without pay because I didn’t expect that quite honestly. I would have expected them to punt and wait for the investigation to conclude or some other event before they made a decision. If they suspended him without pay I applaud them. If they suspended him without pay, let’s just agree that that’s what they did for the sake of conversation, then there is no reason that they couldn’t strip him of the belt. Then it doesn’t matter what happens on TV because no one thinks that show is live anyway. It is what it is. It’s no different than someone having an unfortunate accident. Everybody knows, it’s no secret, you’ve acknowledged it on a conference call. They should have stripped the title from him and then built that into a storyline. Then the 28 weeks or whatever of TV they’ve shot are over with, you have vacant title and he can come back and fight for it if they decide to bring him back. Or not, if they don’t. Half measures and using half measures and creative and all these weird reasons why you can’t do something I think is bullshit. If their balls were big enough to suspend him without pay then they should have gone all the way with it and made a statement”

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