Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 12, 2017
Bischoff: ‘I Was Never Bullied In WWE & Never Saw Any Of It!’

Bischoff: ‘I Was Never Bullied In WWE & Never Saw Any Of It!’

During the latest edition of his podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about the recent allegations of bullying in WWE (the JBL/Mauro Ranallo situation), claiming that he never experienced it in WWE and never saw any of that behavior…

When I was in WWE, if there was anybody who should have been treated badly or was a candidate to be treated badly, it would have been me because of the history I had with WWE when I got there. The way people felt about me when I got there for all of those things that happened. I never saw the kind of things I hear about. I never experienced them personally. That’s what I know. Forgive me if I don’t immerse myself in this conversation too much deeper than that. You ask me about my opinion about the Mauro Ranallo/Justin Roberts/JBL stuff and all I can tell you is I never saw it and it never happened to me. That’s it.

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