Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 25, 2013
Bobby Lashley: ‘I’ve Had Talks With Bellator MMA’

Bobby Lashley: ‘I’ve Had Talks With Bellator MMA’

Bobby Lashley was on The Bollin Alley show on Thursday, March 21 with hosts Kenny “StarMaker” Bolin, Christopher “Prince Bolin” and Rob Dicken. Bobby discussed wanting to fight Brock Lesnar and work with Kurt Angle be it in MMA or wrestling. He did have this exchange regarding working with TNA and Bellator MMA:

Chris Bolin: “I know that TNA has that association with Bellator through Spike. I’m not sure why I threw that out there. It just seemed like something that beared stating.”

Bobby: “We’ve had talks, we’ve had talks. We’re still having talks. Until those talks come into producing, then it’s just talking.”

Chris: “I know that in the professional wrestling business that there’s always a lot of talking going on. I personally would like to see you on national television, even if it is with TNA.”

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