Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 25, 2014
Bobby Roode Reacts To TNA Changes, iMPACT! Preview

Bobby Roode Reacts To TNA Changes, iMPACT! Preview

— TNA star Bobby Roode recently spoke to about some of the changes going on right now in TNA. “There are a lot of changes going on right now,” said Roode. “I believe these changes have been a good thing. Lockdown was a really solid pay-per-view event and TNA is moving in a positive direction.”

You can check out the complete interview at

— As noted earlier, here is the official video preview for this Thursday night’s TNA iMPACT! broadcast:

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5 Responses to “Bobby Roode Reacts To TNA Changes, iMPACT! Preview”

  1. Luis says:

    Hopefully TNA will do those NYC tapings @ the Grand Ballroom but if they choose that as a impact hub that would be good especially in NYC

  2. godoftna says:

    Not to knock Roode, but did he pay any attention to what happened at Lockdown aside from the portion that he himself was involved in? The card for Lockdown was the weakest card that TNA has presented for a ppv in a long time. The 2 big matches of the night both had interference of some kind to end them. Magnus with Abyss, then Bully Ray in the Lockdown main event. Note to creative, but constantly having people interfere in big matches like that really tends to piss the fans off. You may be doing it to help "tell a story", but it doesn't mean you should do it at

    • Dick C. Carter says:

      For whatever reason, TNA seems to think anything involving the World Title and the Main Event picture must end with a Vince Russo-esque screwjob finish. I personally don't get it. If they really want to be a "stand out promotion," dropping the screwy finished would be a good start. It's like those screwy finished are expected by WWE type fans and I guess that the fans TNA wants.

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