Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 10, 2013
Breaking News: Bobby Roode & TNA Contract Dispute

Breaking News: Bobby Roode & TNA Contract Dispute

Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to TNA sources, there is some sort of a contract issue between Bobby Roode and TNA. If the issue is not worked out within the next 24 hours, Roode will not be performing at tomorrow’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view. Roode and Austin Aries are scheduled to defend the TNA tag titles against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez as well as Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat match.

Roode has not appeared on TNA TV since February 24th, missing the last two tapings. While people within TNA were keeping the issue quiet, it quickly became clear there was a problem since all the TNA talent was in San Antonio early for a fan fest today and there was no sign of Roode.

While TNA hasn’t commented on the issue, word is that the contract issue dates back a few weeks and the two sides are talking to work things out.

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8 Responses to “Breaking News: Bobby Roode & TNA Contract Dispute”

  1. DigestivBiscuit says:

    Well I know this site do exaggerate things a little so I will keep my calm and I know Roode is TNA so there nothing bad to happen.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      you KNOW he's TNA? for a fact..Like if Vince offeres him 750k-1 mil a year he'd stay? Im not saying he'd go, but to say you KNOW he's going to stay is kind of stupid.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      Nothing can really be said for sure… Roode at this point since his contract expires sunday before the pay-per-view is in one hell of a situation. He could do what's "morally right" and simply resign to TNA, or he could simply walk away after this poor conduct on Prichard's part. Also this situation is definitely going to be frowned upon by the people above Prichard as TNA doesn't have the leverage in this situation, Roode does. As far as it goes because they have him on the card and only 24 hours until the PPV, Roode can push to have his contract renegotiated in his favor.

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    I'm pretty sure tna will resign him but you never know

    • Reeltalk says:

      I’m confident that TNA will re-sign Roode, no doubt. As TNA’s top heel and an excellent mic worker and ring technician, it would be ” bonehead ” stupid for TNA to do otherwise

  3. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    Give em hell, Roode!!! Make em work for it! He's TNA's TOP DOG, as far as I am concerned. Without Roode, Aries and Bully Ray, TNA's main event roster is WEAK.

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