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Source: In what has to be viewed as a major blow for TNA, Bully Ray had a meeting with the roster at tonight’s house show in Hagerstown, Marlyn and said he wanted to tell them goodbye, as he didn’t expect to be working with the company anymore. The source reports that Bully’s contract is expiring and that last night’s show was the last he was contracted to appear on, so it would appear they were unable to come to terms on a new deal. As the source notes, Bully and Devon are set to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory in October. The company also has one more match left in a series that he was involved in during the last iMPACT! tapings, requiring that they

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will have to find a way to end the series without him if the report is true. During his time with TNA, Bully has risen to the top of the company through his time with Aces & Eights and held the TNA World Title. He was also of course involved in the big blow-off to the Dixie Carter angle when he put her through a table. He was also working as an agent backstage.

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18 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Bully Ray Quits TNA?”

  1. toddmikki says:

    I hope this is simply a work! Losing Bully Ray would be the biggest loss that TNA has ever had. Amazing talent, amazing name recognition, amazing skill, and amazing wrestling mind!

  2. Alex Brooks says:

    OMG!! (Joey styles voice) this is probably the biggest blow to TNA in a long time. Not only he basically their biggest star in the fact that he’s the guy they van always rely on to deliver but he’s involved in a major storyline involving the tna tag titles. He’s supposed to be in the tna hall of fame. Just a possible outcome if all is true but what does it say if one of the 2014 tna hall of fame inductees is signed to wwe by then or shows back up in the E right after. This can be the biggest blow to tna’s legitimacy in history. With that said I’d start some behind the scenes videos of the carters lawyering up and forcing Bully Ray to be fired.(storyline wise) with Davey Richards broken leg and Bully Ray’s departure the tag scene just fell apart. In my opinion they need to wrap up Bram and Abyss or bring back willow to reform the monster tag team. Bram and magnus can carry the tag devision till the wolves return. The hardyz having a run with the titles wouldn’t be bad but in that case I would want them to reign till the wolves return to have the wolves turn heel to feud with them but I’m nit sure how long both matt and jeff are around for. The bromans are a good fall back but I feel a more violent/aggresivw heel presants is necessary to be taken seriously enough to maintain the division.

  3. Ultimate_X says:

    so his contract expired, not quit

    • Dependant says:

      whoever makes this site needs to stop over exaggerating articles that half the time they copied from a more credible news source in the first place.

  4. Roid Master says:

    I live in Marlyn.

  5. Sturk says:

    Go see their post before this………. I told you they couldn't resist the urge. They said something totally different directly before this post lol lol lol

  6. Dixie Carter says:

    Bully only quit TNA because he fears Dixie.


  7. amber_b600 says:

    You know its funny …. I run a bully ray fanpage on facebooka nd i have been in contact several times with Bully himself. Who has no fan facebook page. He talks to me about the page when i contact him through his personal page. I can clear that right up if you all want i can try and see if i can get a truthful answer from bully himself if he will or can answer that right now. So that is if you all want me to ask him and see if he gets me a answer

  8. Dixie Farter says:

    Place is going to shit real fast.

  9. VikingBlood says:

    I call bs. He is still in TNA

  10. hammers362 says:

    He should at least wait till BFG then say he's leaving on screen and have a big goodbye etc , instead on screwing TNA over but I suppose he isn't as at least he's telling them

  11. weasel6666 says:

    this site looks like a lonely lady that sits around at home all day gossip with all the neighbors

  12. DJBIGCG says:

    Looks like the Dudley boyz might be on there way back to wwe

  13. seabee44 says:

    i just recently saw Bully in a interview say he has a year and more left on his contract. next they will say Jeff Hardys contract is up and he just said in a recent intervew he has 2yrs left.TNA TNA

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