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Breaking News: Ex-TNA Star Matt Hardy Injured

Breaking News: Ex-TNA Star Matt Hardy Injured

Source: Pwinsider

— Here are some quick Extreme Rising iPPV results:

* Jay Bradley defeated Christian York via Pin
* Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Stevie Richards defeated Papadon via submission
* Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Luke Hawx defeated Perry Saturn via submission
* The Blue Meanie and Balls Mahoney defeated Da Lost Boys via pin
* Bestia 666 defeated Façade via pin
* BLK OUT defeated The FBI via pin
* Raven vs. Gary Wolfe never happened as Raven said Wolfe wasn’t there.
* Stevie Richards challenged Raven to face him in a Loser Leaves Town match, they brawled, and then a “new flock” hit the ring, no match.
* Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Devon Storm defeated Sabu via pin
* Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Rhino defeated Homicide via pin
* Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy was a no contest. Things broke down and there were run-ins galore. Hardy appeared to get injured during this.

— According to sources, word is that Matt Hardy hit his head when he was shoved off the top to the floor by Luke Hawx during the main event of the Extreme Rising iPPV. According to several readers who were ringside, Hardy got sick after hitting the floor and appeared to be going into convulsions. While not confirmed, it appears he may have suffered a concussion. He may have also suffered an injury to his ribs, but that is not confirmed at this time.

Hardy did sit up before the PPV went off the air but medical staff asked him to lay back down. An ambulance was called to the building and Hardy will be taken to a local hospital to get checked out. As the show ended, Hardy was still down on the floor and the promotion asked the crowd to clear out as soon as the event ended.

The run-ins during the end of the main event were scheduled and not a reaction to the Hardy injury.

More soon.

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10 Responses to “Breaking News: Ex-TNA Star Matt Hardy Injured”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Cant believe some of these people are still wrestling

  2. dcxboxx says:

    was a really good ppv. they did have some audio issues, but this was the first ever live event by them, and their 4th show ever. next show crowns the new extreme (ecw) champion. im guessing it will be luke hawx vs stevie richards(they had 2 great matches over the summer) and rhino vs devon storm (they should have an awesome match. and the debut of hiji de rey misterio (rey misterio srs 23 year old son, i think its his first time on the east coast) i got my ringside tickets, because im traveling from new orleans to the event ondecember 29th

    • DickTheBruiser says:

      was there a decent turnout for the show live? im sorry i missed it.

      • dcxboxx says:

        yes. pre sales were around 750 thats good for the first show in pitssburgh and only being on sale for just over a month, and is better than tna does in the area. 29th will have a bigger crowed. the last philly show in june did over 1000

  3. dcxboxx says:

    jerry lynn was originally to face homicde in a first round title tournament match, but he couldnt fly from nashville due to an injury he recently suffered. he will prob make his retirment match in extreme rising for the mania weekend events . they doing philly april 4th nyc april 5th and 6th. im guessing philly will be his final match. lynn wants it to be against rvd but guess that depends on rvds contractual status come april.

  4. Goeroe1981 says:

    Bring Raven's Flock back to TNA very please….thank you. I liked Raven's flock back in the days. They don't and probably can't bring the same flock but a version of it would be nice.

  5. Stunner says:

    WHY is this news? Just asking

    • Herr_Odditus says:

      Its news because a concussion is a serious matter which can be life threatening, and this is wrestling related and more specifically TNA related because Matt Hardy was once in TNA and his brother Jeff currently is. Seriously, do you even need to ask this question?

    • DickTheBruiser says:

      Why not just pass over it and stop being such a crybaby?

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