Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 11, 2013
Breaking News: Major TNA Pay-Per-View Model Shift

Breaking News: Major TNA Pay-Per-View Model Shift

TNA has officially announced that they will be shifting their focus from monthly live pay-per-views to four live shows on PPV per year. The promotion has announced that their live pay-per-view events will be Genesis on January 13th, Lockdown on March 10th, Slammiversary on June 9th and Bound for Glory on October 13th.

To fill the monthly spots, the promotion will hold seven pay-per-view specials dubbed “TNA Wrestling: One Night Only.” The three-hour taped specials will kick off in April and run throughout the year on the first Friday of each month. This is where the tapings this weekend will come into play; as previously reported, they are a “Joker’s Wild Tag Team Tournament and X-Division show.

Dixie Carter commented, saying, “The Pay-Per-View industry has changed so much in the last decade. The traditional pay-per-view wrestling model needed to evolve and we believe this strategy will positively impact not only the Pay-Per-View events but the weekly television programming as well.”

UPDATE: The following pricing structure is in place for TNA’s new PPV model:

TNA Wrestling: One Night Only: $14.95
TNA Genesis 2013 & TNA Lockdown 2013: $34.95
All live PPVs from Slammiversary and all live PPVs after except BFG: $39.95
TNA Bound for Glory: $44.95

More as we get it.

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24 Responses to “Breaking News: Major TNA Pay-Per-View Model Shift”

  1. dcxboxx says:

    thats kinda stupid for the one night only ones at least. they would be best served as free monday night live specials. they are taping 2 this month and ones gonna air on ppv in march or april and the tag one will air in may. not many gonna buy the ppv if they already know the out come and it happned months ago. granted tna only does 11k buys on average for live ppvs. the 4 ppv model is fine though. others need to be specials. the only taped ppv that will draw is hardcore justice 2 since its an ecw reunion ppv this year.

    • Raincold57 says:

      i like this too many boring pointless ppvs that wwe marks and tna fans bitch about so now they havre plenty of time to build angles, fueds in every division not just the main event

  2. dcxboxx says:

    By Mike Johnson on 2013-01-10 21:13:52 As noted earlier on PW***********, TNA will be doing a series of taped "One ***ht Only" PPV events airing the first Friday ***ht of months they are not broadcasting live PPV events.
    PW*********** has confirmed with multiple sources the themes for the taped PPVs will be….

    TNA X-Travaganza, featuring the stars of the X-Division (airing in April, taping 1/13).

    TNA Joker's Wild Tag Team Special, featuring enemies teaming and a Battle Royal final (airing in May, taping 1/13)

    TNA Hardcore Justice 2 – ECW reunion style "hardcore" show featuring hardcore stipulation matches bringing in ECW talents.

    TNA "10 Reunion" – Stars from the early days of TNA battling inside a Six-Sided ring.

    <a title="Click to Continue &gt; by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_1" style="text-decoration:underline" href="#" in_rurl="">TNA Knockouts Knockdown – One ***ht Knockout tournament with the first round being all stipulation matches and the final four in a "test of their stamina" to see who the final victor is.

    TNA International Incident – One ***ht tournament featuring talent from " United States, India, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Japan & the UK" with the winner earning a TNA title shot.

    TNA X-Division World Cup Tournament – four teams of X-Division wrestlers in a one ***ht tournament featuring <a title="Click to Continue &gt; by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_3" style="text-decoration:underline" href="#" in_rurl="">singles, tag, six man and eight man tag bouts.

    TNA World Cup of Wrestling – Four teams, each captained by a TNA wrestler featuring a Heavyweight wrestler, a tag team and an X-Division wrestler battling in singles, tag and stipulation bouts. The finale will be a "two ring, triple chance Battle Royal."

    There are no confirmed taping dates yet for the PPV specials beyond January. extreme rising id rather watch than tna doing an ecw reunion since this is the continuation of ecw

  3. pepsilover2008 says:

    I kinda like this idea, it gives tna a chance to do something new each month and it's good to get new consumers because $15 isn't that bad for a ppv. So if tna does a good ppv for those it will be good for them as people will probably pay more for the bigger ppv.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    Every actual TNA ppv should be a flat rate of $35. Why is BFG $10 more?

    • dcxboxx says:

      supposed to be tnas mania/starcade yet lockdown is tnas biggest draw that and hardcore justice when it was an ecw reunion. but lockdown on average is the big draw for the year. these specials should be live spike tv ones instead that way they can focus on making money on just 4 ppvs but im sure they had to modify their current ppv contract to be able to just do 4 live events. may be some legal issues before they can do such. who knows.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      same as why do wwe charge more for wrestlemania?

      its what they would consider their main show, their best show of the year.

  5. Matthew says:

    Here we go again typical TNA Bull one night only sounds alot like WWE’S One Night Stand talk about ripping other companies off. I would pay 2¢ for any of TNA’S pay per views. Screw TNA you bunch of degenerates.

    • Laker says:

      So your telling me that WWE hasn’t copied TNA. Anyways where did you get the “Bull” from?

    • Raincold57 says:

      have u not seen wwe recently? if anything wwe is taking ideas like from tna whats that say abot the wwe? uncreative much? the aj/dixie angle, ref wanting to be a wrestler, a group of guys beating random ppl, a voice over in the intro, different camera styles used backstage, championship thursday cause wwe aint using any of those right? shut up and go watch rybotch and yawn cena muppet tv-G muppet fan

    • Raincold57 says:

      then why are u on here? i guess you got tna confused with wwe muppets

  6. Peckar says:

    Well we all suggested four ppvs. So they sort of listened to what everyone has been saying but obviously they still need to make money.

    • Raincold57 says:

      if the show is better and it builds fueds better great!! you dont work for tna so stop worrying about money or whatever wwe has money and u see how crappy they are they have to rely on past stars cause nobody cares about there current guys.

  7. LAwrestling112 says:

    someone earlier said it best…once people know the results they are not going buy these friday PPvs…It doesnt make sense financially..i thought they scrapped all but 4 and were gonna concentrate the budget on a second tv show or better overall production and salary…I dont agree with this move. twitter – @sportsfannyLA_V

    • toddmikki says:

      Their are still contracts with ppv so they HAVE to do this with there current obligations! Im sure itll change once the contracts are renewed.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      well i assume tna would like to make them live. but first they are getting the shows in place. seeing if the structure they've set out for this year works. in 2014 they may think "well we could improve this bit".

      you build the walls of a house first then the roof. and thats what tna are doing. i think the majority of the shows will do well but 1-2 may need to be tweaked. the hardcore ecw reunion 1 is one that they could just have it as a hardcore justice for tna talents only i think.

      • dcxboxx says:

        ya true but using ecw talents will help tna draw a bigger buyrate than using tna talent. look at the last exreme hardcore justice it was the highest buyrate in over a year at that point for tna and highest buyrate for ppv since then. yet they killed off the tv storyline with them that was picking steam when hogan and bishoff came along.

    • Raincold57 says:

      if they have only 4 ppvs a year u dont think fans will want to watch a x division guys like with petey willams, amazing red and other past stars in a ultimate x match or xscape match? dude fans want to see that you should really get out more. ppl bitched about tna filler ppvs saying they dont want to waste time on them that they needed to limit them then they do and ppl like u whine about? do u want good shit on the ppvs, good matches good fued build or a zillion ppvs with no build, bad matches with guys like garett, robbie, rob terry? i guess we know what you prefer

  8. TheBringer92 says:

    I dont mind that idea at all. Lockdown is the cage, Genesis will kick the year off, Slammy is there anniversary style show and BFG is there mania

  9. HolsG says:

    People who are complaining about the amount of ppv's:
    1/ it's going to bring TNA a lot more money as they'll get more fans in due to the 'rarity' of the ppv's and storylines can be built better.
    2/ Although it's a shame for them to suddenly ditch 8 of them; the good ones like destination x have been replaced by the 3hr impact focusing on the x-division.

    I think it's a great idea, make us want the ppv's more and have better matches due to developed storylines.

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      i think in time we could see certain ppv concepts so x division, hardcore justice, maybe others can be created as well return/be on a sunday.

      TNA are just trying to see what works. and defo thats what they should be doing.

  10. tnadude says:

    They are contractually obligated to do PPVs and will likely switch to live, free specials on Spike when the contract runs out. Just my $.02 anyway.

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