Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 29, 2012
Breaking News: Sting & TNA Reach New Deal

Breaking News: Sting & TNA Reach New Deal

TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced Thursday afternoon that Sting has reached a new contract agreement with the organization.

She tweeted, “THRILLED to have just signed the new @Sting talent contract. So proud to have him part of the TNA family! Here’s to some great times ahead!”

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27 Responses to “Breaking News: Sting & TNA Reach New Deal”

  1. Big t mass says:

    Im glad he stayed in tna they wouldn’t know how to use him in wwe if he even thought of going there anyway

  2. brooksideraider says:

    I guess Sting will never be a real icon then. He just won't go north to the big company. More power to Sting for sticking to his guns. He's unique. The only real superstar to have never set foot in a WWF/WWE ring. Good for him.

    • billy says:

      Working for WWE does not make you an icon. It makes you an ass kissee

      • It makes you an ass kisser? You serious? There’s a lot of great indy wrestlers lining up for wwe right now and there far from ass kissers. Maybe they want to be on a show that people watch.

        Besides im glad sting isn’t comin to wwe to face taker. Cause BROCK LESNAR has said he’s interested in wrestling at WM 29. Either with austin or taker. Since PUNK and AUSTIN have been teasing to wrestle each other at WM 29 most likely it will be with taker for the streak. So yeah i dont think wwe missd out seeing as lesnar could crush sting with ease.

    • SageStinger says:

      Sting is a real icon. Probably more so BECAUSE he didn't go to WWE. Think about it. He's a house hold name, and he never worked for Vince. He WAS WCW. He's loyal to TNA because he believes in them, and he believes he can help that company grow. If that's not an Icon, I don't know what is.

      • tnadude says:

        I agree, except for the part where you said he WAS WCW. While he was certainly a large part of it, WCW didn't go anywhere until Hogan showed up.

        You may not like him, but before you hit the thumbs down, let's give the man his props.

        • SageStinger says:

          I'm a Hulkamaniac brother! I only think Sting was WCW because he's my favorite of all time. But you're absolutely right about what Hogan did for WCW. Hell what Hogan did for WWE and wrestling all together. I just hope TNA figures out a way to use him in the same capacity. They have a great opportunity with him being the new GM. As long as he's not forced down our throats all the time, and he put's younger guys over, which TNA has been getting better at IMO.

        • Sturk says:

          DUMB STATEMENT!! Shawn Michaels was NEVER like WWE's super BIG draw either so is he not a icon or legend cause he never popped the ratings and buy rates like Austin or Rock ???? Your logic is flawed. Sure Hogan made WCW a larger organization but does that make NOBODY in the organization icons or legends because of that? NO IT DOES NOT!! Sting is ineed a icon.

          • tnadude says:

            Uhh… Before you start calling people dumb, maybe you ought to learn to read.

            I said I agreed except for the part where he said Sting WAS WCW. I never questioned him being an Icon or legend. Just that WCW was bigger than Sting.

          • Sturk says:

            DEALLLLL!! I'll learn how to read if you also learn how to read cause if you read instead of going off emotion you'll see that I called your STATEMENT dumb and not YOU bro haha…. So deal we will BOTH learn how to read lol

    • Sturk says:

      dumbest statement ever….. Are you forgetting a company called WCW that Sting already wrestled in that was equal to WWE??? THAT made Sting an icon. He doesnt need to go to WWE. Thats like saying if WWE had went out of Business and WCW had survived that Shawn Michaels, Undertaker etc arent real legends because they never went to WCW. It doesnt work like that. AT ALL……. Sting is an icon and will always be.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    Dang sting looks like we won't see undertaker vs sting at wrestlemania 29 or 30. Well your a grown man in your 50s sting, if you don't want to go to the number 1 wrestling company wwe for one big match then all power to you

    • godoftna says:

      what would Sting gain from going to the wwe and wrestling the undertaker at any wrestlemania other that a pile of cash? his name added to the list of all the other taker mania victims? there's no point in it.

      • You make it sound like if he would be a victim of cena. This is the undertaker we’re talking about. Its not about being a victim its about creating hstory. Putting on one hell of a match. Its an honor to be in the ring with taker and vice versa. And remember sting was very close at one point to signing on to take on undertaker. So at one point he thought it was a good idea. Oh well I guess we’re stuck with lesnar vs taker. Darn. 🙂

      • DJBIGCG says:

        people work to make money to support thrmselfs and there family. Sting might not need the money but there is no wrestler in tna that would be a bigger draw then taker vs sting. More wrestling fans want to see that match happen then the ones who don't. If taker was a wrestler who wasn't worth a shit, why does he have a undefeated streak at the biggest wrestling ppv of all wrestlemania? Why did he take on and beat great challengers like superfly jimmy snuka mick foley, kevin nash, shawn micheals hhh kane big show king kong bundy psycho sid randy orton batista edge ric flair etc… That's why many others and I want to see the match. Sting would also be in the hof and one of the greats who faced taker. I would love end my career (like many others have/will) wrestling in front of 80 plus thousand rather then 1500

        • SageStinger says:

          You also have to factor in WWE's fan base. Most of them are women and children, or new generation wrestling fans. 75-80% of them won't even know who Sting is. Plus like godoftna said, IF he did go and have a match with Taker, he would just be another victim. And I would hate for that to happen cause Sting literally is my favorite wrestler of all time. I must say though, the feud and match between the two would be the most orgasmic thing i've ever seen in wrestling lol.

          • Sturk says:

            he indeed would be just another victem.. that I do NOT want to see…….. Number one because Sting was always a face and if they were both in their prime Taker would have played the heel and Sting would have been the face so Sting would have beat Taker, maybe not at Mania but at other ppv's. Now that theyre both old and Taker is a classic branded and Sting has never been a brand for WWE they'd obviously have him lose and sell his DVD with that last b.s. loss on it…..

        • Triple f says:

          DJBIGCG, You do realize that wrestling is a work, don’t you? Undertaker “took on ” and “beat ” all those “challengers” because IT WAS SCRIPTED THAT WAY!!!! HELLO!!!!!

      • DJBIGCG says:

        People work to make money for themselves and there family. And even though sting might not need the money, there are way more wrestling fans who would love to see undertaker vs sting at the biggest ppv of all time wrestlemania then the people who don't. There isn't a wrestler in tna that would be a bigger draw then taker vs sting. And if taker wasn't worth a shit why does he have an undefeated streak at wm? Why did he take on great challengers like super fly jimmy snuka, mick foley, ric flair, kevin nash, batista, kane, big show, shawn micheals, hhh, edge, randy orton, psycho sid, etc…. What sting would gain is being in the hof and a great talent who faced taker. I would rather end my wrestling career wrestling in front of 80 plus thousand screaming and cheering fans at the grandest stage of them all then wrestling in front of 1300 of the same fans I always see

        • godoftna says:

          at one point in time, i would have loved to have seen that match, but that point passed about 10-15 years ago. now for the record, i never said that taker wasn't worth a shit, he is one of my favorite performers of all time. what i said is that while it would be a huge draw for fans who have known both performers for the past 20+ years, it would do very little for either performers careers. while both could say that they faced off on the biggest stage of all time, everyone would know the outcome well in advance of the actual match. reports say that the undertaker wanted to end his streak 2 years ago when he faced shawn micheals, but vince mcmahon shot the idea down and in fact wants the undertakers streak to NEVER end. on that point alone, why would sting go to the wwe and face the undertaker?

          what u must not know, and what most fans nowadays dont care to know, is that sting has always been faithful to the companies that HE chooses. through thick and thin sting stuck with wcw, even when it became painfully obvious that the ship was sinking. he has been a mainstay in tna for quite a few years now as well, and while they may not have the huge crowds or paydays that the wwe does, it's a place in which he feels comfortable and happy in. ask anyone and they'll tell u that all the money in the world will mean little if ur unhappy at what u do. now sting could go to the wwe and be happy it's true, but at this point in his career there's just no reason or point to it. sting will end his career the way he wants to, not the way u or anyone else wants him to.

          • DJBIGCG says:

            @ goodoftna what you said makes since, but I've been a wrestling fan since the 80s and would love to see them end there career either wrestling each at wm. Or wrestling together in a tag team match aginst people like rock and scsa or cena and rock or some other big time performers like that. Ric flair was supose to end his career against shawn micheals in that great epic wm match but as you see imho ric gave a big f u to the wwe and wrestling fans who thought that would be his last send off match. Yes sting was loyal to wcw and it looks like he is going to be loyal to tna but a wrestling fan can only dream for him to end his career in wwe

  4. planetcrush says:

    Sting won't go to the WWE. He already made his decision last year when he and WWE were in negotiations and Sting decided to stick with TNA. The only time I think we'll ever see Sting with WWE is when he is getting inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame (that is if he wants in).

    As long as he isn't planning on getting back into the ring on a regular basis, I really don't care. Sting seems like a good guy to have around to help out some of the younger guys but he shouldn't be the franchise guy anymore. Playing the authority figure is the perfect part for him at this point in his career.

  5. HolsG says:

    GET IN!!!!
    As long as we keep the 'you still got it' chants going i don't think he's going to leave us.

  6. Sturk says:

    This must be a work tweet though…. I dont think nobody has brought it up. Sting was already just a TALENT!! The GM part was JUST a storyline…… So she must have just tweeted that to further the storyline of it all.

  7. brooksideraider says:

    I must have been misunderstood. I think it's a great move for Sting to stay with TNA. He doesn't need WWE to make him an icon. He did that himself without the WWE machine. I don't want him to go to the "E" just to be another Undertaker victim. He'd be humiliated there. He should stay with TNA as long as he wants to & adding to the legacy that he was the ONLY major star never to cave in to Vince McMahon's money. True Sting fans, I believe, want him to stay with TNA. I know I do.

  8. Peckar says:

    Congratulations TNA.

  9. tsoutheast says:

    I guess he'll be World Champ at BFG

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