Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 31, 2013
Breaking News: TNA Taking iMPACT! On The Road

Breaking News: TNA Taking iMPACT! On The Road

As previously reported, Dixie Carter posted to Twitter promising a “major announcement” on Thursday’s episode of iMPACT!. The announcement will reportedly be TNA taking iMPACT! on the road this year.

Whether the promotion will still occasionally return to the Impact Zone is unknown as of this writing. The plan is for the company to hold a live episode of iMPACT! and tape the following week’s show right afterward, similar to how WWE did things in the early days of RAW.

The announcement will be a pre-taped video segment from Dixie as nothing aired overseas when iMPACT! was taped last week.

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28 Responses to “Breaking News: TNA Taking iMPACT! On The Road”

  1. Get_Carter says:

    This is great news! Finally! While i'd prefer a live episode every week, it's worth the trade-off to finally get out of the impact zone.

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    That awesome new! however how about a God damn *Spoiler Alert* once in a fucking, while seriously! Thanks for ruining the surprise, I really hope that wasn't the real surprise…..

  3. Philly_Cheese says:

    I really don't know if TNA going on the road is going to do much for ratings or getting TNA more well known. It's definitely a far larger expense for the company, so lets hope it actually pays off.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      You're exactly right. No idea why you were thumbed down.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Because some people believe going on the road will somehow help TNA get huge amounts of exposure, when in reality it may cost them more then what they may profit from it. Dixie Carter seems pretty confident in the idea so who knows. Their bigger problem with getting exposure isn't do with with live episodes, or going on the road, but more so their limitations due to Spike TV. Unfortunately Spike does nothing to advertise them, and going on the road might cost more than what it's worth.

        • toddmikki says:

          I personally know people who refuse to watch TNA because the Impact Zone looks amatuer.

          • Dirk1n says:

            I can understand that, if they regularly watch RAW, with it's thousands of fans, and then tune into a couple of hundred people sitting on their hands until Jeff Hardy appears, it doesn't look good.

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            Competitors will always be stigmatized by their loyal customers. Personally speaking I work in a deli and have people say the saralee products are high quality and so good, when in reality they're not, you're simply stuck on a particular brand and refuse to try anything else. Many people who watch WWE refuse to watch TNA simply because they refuse to watch anything else, and will make reasons why they don't.

    • jbcissom says:

      Since TNA has actually went to doing live Impact!s on a weekly basis, TNA may actually be saving money by flying their superstars to a venue only twice a month. This will definitely help with exposure. I've got a feeling that TNA has locked up Hardy, Angle, Joe, Aries, Roode, and Storm for some time making this move. Doesn't make sense to spend the money taking the product on the road, only to have your top talent/drawers leave.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Well going on the road and doing live episodes will never happen together. I think the idea is to go to a venue and tape several episodes in advance, before moving to another location. Most wrestlers who work for TNA live within driving distance of Orlando, and forcing them to travel heavily might drive some away, as many chose TNA over WWE simply for the lighter travel schedule.

    • tnadude says:

      The idea is that the show will be more exciting because the fans will be more excited. That excitement will lead to more viewers.

      Think about it as the difference between watching the final preseason NFL game v. a playoff game.

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        Just because they're on the road doesn't make it more exciting… The fans the last time they toured weren't more excited by them being on the road. When they went to the UK it was huge because they have a far larger fan base over there. They have a larger fan base not because of them touring there, but because their show in the UK is on free tv (national telecasting), which means anyone with an antenna can watch it.

        Flat out touring isn't going to have any different of an effect than what it did last time. Like Einstein once said "Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."

        • tnadude says:

          Gotta disagree with you. The shows in 'Bama were much more exciting than those in the IZ. The crowd was on fire. Further, the UK gets 10% of the viewers as we do here in the US – so there's not a "far larger fan base". Granted, people live in tighter quarters – but still. The UK draws better because there's no competition. They get one tour a year, so they show up for it. Not only that, but they get one hour of wrestling per week with the C-team. I feel bad for them, particularly since there are so many underutilized wrestlers on Impact.

          Finally, everyone here has cable or a satellite dish. Well, ok, it's actually 60% of us, but let me ask you this: are the other 40% going to live shows? I don't think so either.

          • Philly_Cheese says:

            It's in proportion to their population, in comparison they get far higher ratings compared to their population. If their population was as large as the US they'd easily exceed us in the number of viewers easily. The rating system is based on population proportions, hence why they consistently rate far far higher than in the US. Also the UK does have WWE so TNA does have competition in the UK. Also UK doesn't just have the one hour show like you think, the UK does get iMPACT, along side explosion or whatever it's called. In the UK the ratings for TNA iMPACT constantly smash those of WWE Raw.

            You also have to realize that by limiting themselves to people with cable/dishes… Also the last statistical number is that only 48% of the US population has either cable/dish service. Bigger question is why limit themselves to 48% of the population when they can have 100% of the population capable of viewing their show?…

          • Justbringit says:

            As an honest UK TNA fan, the only reason Impact ratings beat Raw is because Raw is first shown live at around 1:30am here, whereas Impact is shown on delay at 9pm on a Sunday….factoring in the repeats Raws viewership is more than Impact (Raw is shown around 3 times a week at normal times like 5pm & 7pm, Impact is repeated once on a Tuesday at 10pm).

            That is the only reason Impact ‘wins’ the ratings, despite being on free to air TV and WWE being on subscription TV… I wish everyone who boasts about TNA’s UK ratings actually looked at the facts.

  4. UCEAD11 says:

    I am looking forward to this as well, This is going to be awesome. I think this is less Dixie's idea and more the new execs idea. WWE has been ripping us off with ideas, why not do what made them successful way bback when. I have a feeling they are going to do great.

  5. Treck says:

    Great news!

  6. DJBIGCG says:

    Good for tna

  7. hangers says:

    So the turkey in the Hulk Hogan gear there every week will have to get his rv ready..

    • tnadude says:

      Seriously – what does this have to do with Hogan? Does every post on this site require Hogan-bashing? Impact is going on the road, can't you just be happy?!?

      Good grief! Enough already!

      • toddmikki says:

        listen im the biggest hogan fan in the world, please reread his post….. theres a fan every week that looks like he lives in an rv that dresses in hogan gear.

  8. Peckar says:

    And if that doesn't work we are off to the UK!

  9. annil8or4321 says:

    it sounds like a good idea to grow the brand and all i hope it works out i would love to see tna come to the midwest

  10. Ryanuko says:


  11. UCEAD11 says:

    They came to the midwest a few months back in Kansas City Kansas. Of course I marked out and got chewed out by my wife for going to a wrestling match instead of coming home first . It really pissed her off when I told her I went to see some TNA……

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