Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 30, 2014
Breaking News: Vince Russo & TNA Officially Part Ways

Breaking News: Vince Russo & TNA Officially Part Ways

Vince Russo is officially done with TNA. Russo was informed by John Gaburick that his consulting services were no longer needed. The source notes that his involvement with TNA was “less than warmly received” by SpikeTV, and that it may have had an affect on negotiations for a new TV deal.

Russo confirmed the departure on Twitter, posting the following…

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10 Responses to “Breaking News: Vince Russo & TNA Officially Part Ways”

  1. OldManEaston says:

    What a disaster of epic proportions this is. Sometimes I wonder how TNA office and Dixie Carter have managed to continue to make such destructive and mind boggling decisions, after over ten years of experience in the wrestling business. Who hires a guy with his bad track record and reputation again and again, then tries to lie and cover it up to the detriment of their own company? Madness!

    • Peckar says:

      Fact is, TNA, and I am only referring to TNA, has been better when he has been there. The period he was not with TNA was the worst in there short history. If you believe he is the x factor in TNA renewing there contract, you would believe anything these fools write.

      • OldManEaston says:

        Hypothetically lets say that is true (which I am not agreeing with) but lets say it is true that TNA IS creatively better with Russo. Russo is still obviously a detriment to the company and it is not just mere speculation that Russo has a bad reputation with Spike TV and for that matter the Great Muta and Japanese Wrestling promotions in general. Nor is it speculation they lied to their business partners. They were caught red handed.

        If it is even a SMALL factor that costs TNA their lucrative deal with Spike TV (which lets face it guys, TNA will never get another sweet deal like this even from Spike, which virtually funds their entire operating revenue, which they are clearly not getting from any other revenue stream), it is nothing short of company suicide, because for whatever reason TNA and Dixie Carter can't get past their fixation with Vince Russo. It doesn't even make sense that a company would do this. It is beyond the pale.

      • Sturk says:

        I agree bro. Here is the thing TNA is better when he is there but it only when the audience believes he's not there. Folks love his work when they don't know he's done it hahaha. I know people really love Russo cause they loved his work in WWE when they didn't know he did it. They hated his work in WCW because they knew it was him lol.

        • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

          @sturk that's what i ve been saying for years.People doesnt have to know that he is behind something to enjoy his work.

          btw nowdays TNA is working with the Great muta and i do want to see great puro action in TNA so maybe it's all good

      • Philly_Cheese says:

        The thing is, I have to agree with you here. Russo understands true creative writing… He understands that the whole idea of heel vs face, good guy vs the bad guy, is a totally outdated idea. No one cares about the good guy winning over the bad guy, they care about who they can relate to and who they like. Stone Cold was supposed to be considered a heel, yet everyone cheered for him because they liked him, the same went for undertaker.

        Unfortunately, Russo has built up a very bad reputation among the wrestling community because of his poor ideas in WCW.

  2. Roid Master says:

    If everything this website has been "reporting" is true, it appears as though this had to happen in order for negotiations between TNA and Spike to continue…just stating the obvious.

  3. Beezy_Does_It says:


  4. JoeWrestling says:

    The negotiations are over money. TNA needs more to operate, Spike doesn't want to pay up if they don't have the ad buys. This has got nothing to do with Russo. He probably just started this to get attention cause he thought they weren't going to get renewed so he figured he'd get publicity out of it rather than nothing.

  5. OzzfactorDro says:

    TNA's best ratings period was during the Vince Russo era. When Vince got the pencil taken from him and given to H&B, that's when TNA started declining. I love TNA and hope they can find a deal with another network!

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