Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 23, 2012
Bret Hart Calls Hulk Hogan ‘One-Dimensional’

Bret Hart Calls Hulk Hogan ‘One-Dimensional’

The Winnipeg Free Press has an interview up with Bret Hart where he talks about the WWE ’13 video game, Hulk Hogan being one of the “dinosaurs” that moved out of WWE to give way to the younger guys and more.

“I don’t want to rag too much on Hulk Hogan but he’s pretty one-dimensional,” said Hart. “Very big guy. The great, magnificent body that he had – the 22-inch arms and all that kind of stuff. But after a while, after (The Ultimate) Warrior came, it was like, ‘Enough of the body-building, let’s go on with who can actually do a drop-kick and who can actually climb up on top and do stuff.'”

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