Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 17, 2013
Brooke Hogan On Her Father’s Reaction To TNA Debut

Brooke Hogan On Her Father’s Reaction To TNA Debut

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TNA personality Brooke Hogan appeared on 100.3 in Boston, Mass. on Thursday. Here are the highlights….

Brooke said now that she is in the wrestling business, she is there to stay. She never got into it before because she felt she would be looked at negatively because of who her father is. She is taking some time off from singing, and will probably make new music one day. She feels she can do both wrestling and singing simultaneously just like Mickie James.

Brooke claimed Hulk had no idea she was joining TNA until she came out. Dixie booked her secretly and told her to keep it a secret from her dad. Dixie felt the Knockouts division needed Brooke to basically bring it back to prominence. Brooke said she really does love Bully Ray. They hit it off right away. She was attracted to his big, muscular, tan arms. After the interview, one of the radio hosts questioned whether Bully is actually already be married to someone.

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12 Responses to “Brooke Hogan On Her Father’s Reaction To TNA Debut”

  1. Treck says:

    So people can stop getting off the blame Hogan bandwagon. I hate this storyline but it does not make me hate all of impact. The show is awesome!

  2. Whatever says:

    I know this has nothing to do with this article but the tna fan boys are not going to like the fact that various other news sites have already reported that tna’s attempt to sue wwe have FAILED. Tna has dismissed their lawsuit against them and is also being reported that each company will pay their own lawyer fees. Better luck next time tna. Maybe they should try suing a much much smaller company first before trying to take on a large company. U figured they learned there lesson after they tried to go head to head on Mondays with them and FAILED.

  3. soyfenomenal says:

    Are you kidding? Her debut was advertised and had multiple videos about it online…
    but it was kept a secret from Hulk until she walked out on the ramp?
    Okay. Lol

  4. El Generico Fantastico says:


  5. Bobamatic says:

    So let me get this straight, she was attracted to his big tan arms and not his calves?

  6. Herr_Odditus says:

    Brooke should go to OVW and train to be a wrestler just like Mr. Park.

  7. hangers says:

    Bullsh!t.. Shes there because of her old man and for someone who grew up in the business she looks and sounds pretty lost out there..

    • IHNSAIN says:

      yeh and examples of where she sounds lost she seems to be doing a decent job atm if she does go in the ring worse case shes another tess im not to sure about what u mean by her being there cause her old man is with tna and brought her in
      or u mean cause her dad is the imortal hulk hoogan she has been round wrestling more than most and she has pritty gd (dnt get me wrong not saying shes gr8 but prob best wman in tna ) on a mic and she has done a decent bit of acting

      also is it jst me or do u hate all woman lolz always bashing the woman

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